Junooniyat 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi tells Biji about Ranjeet

The Episode starts with Ranjeet acting good. He says I won’t leave Ilahi and go. Biji asks him to go, they are with Ilahi. Ranjeet says I don’t want to leave her and go, but I can’t refuse to elders. He asks Ginni to update him about Ilahi. He thinks she is delicate, I touched her and she fainted. He leaves with his parents.

Ranjeet comes home. He sees his wife Shikha. He gets angry. She gets scared. He starts laughing. He says I m glad seeing my fear in your heart, good. She says I got to know, you are going to ruin an innocent girl’s life, don’t forget that we didn’t get divorced till now. He holds her hand. She says leave my hand, its hurting, I won’t let your marriage happen. He hurts her. His parents ask him not to do anything. Ranjeet doesn’t listen. She scratches his hand. Ilahi wakes up and cries recalling Ranjeet. She says I have to tell this to someone. She looks for her phone. She says Bua ji took my phone, what shall I do. She goes to Amar. She calls him out. She asks him to get up. Amar is sleeping. Ilahi hears Biji’s voice and goes to her. Shikha asks Ranjeet not to come close. She calls him a devil. Ranjeet sees the neighbors and acts good. He threatens Shikha. He takes her inside. His mum asks neighbors to go. She says you all have to come with us in baraat. Biji says everything should be good. She asks Happy to give advance to them. Ginni says everything will be done, don’t worry. Ilahi comes and hugs Biji. She cries.

Biji asks what happened. Ilahi cries a lot. Biji says don’t do any drama, go to your room. Ilahi says listen to me, Ranjeet… Ginni asks her to go inside. Jordan sees the cctv footage. He sees Ranjeet making the video. He says I have seen this guy, I have seen his bangle, where did I see. He checks Ranjeet’s pic. Ilahi says Ranjeet isn’t a nice guy, I felt someone was following me, that man had some strange smell, someone tried to molest me on holika night, when Ranjeet held my hand, I got the same smell and it was the same touch. Ginni says you are making stories. Ilahi says its not a story.

Ginni says ask her if she has seen his face. Ilahi says no, there was darkness, trust me, he was Ranjeet, I can’t forget that smell. Ginni asks why didn’t she tell us that day. Happy says yes, she is telling us today. Ilahi says I was scared. Ginni asks why did you go to college to sing a song on stage. She says we have seen two guys fighting for you, one of them would be your BF. Ilahi says no, trust me, I m not lying. Happy says she is making excuses. Ilahi says trust me, I m not lying, I had scratched that man’s hand, check Ranjeet’s hand, you will see it. Ginni and Happy say she is lying to call off the marriage. Ilahi says I m saying the truth. Ginni takes her upstairs. Ranjeet ties up the girl. She shouts for help. He says you die here now. He locks her. He says let her stay here, I will marry Ilahi and nobody can stop me.

Happy asks how does it look. Lucky sees the wedding banner and says Ilahi doesn’t want to marry. Jahaan sees the house decorated. Happy goes out. Jahaan recalls Ilahi. Ginni comes and asks Lucky to come with her to the market. They leave. Jahaan thinks why is Ilahi’s phone off, how shall I talk to her. Jordan asks Varun to give the private detective number. Varun asks why. Jordan says I will tell you everything, I won’t go anywhere, please give me the number, its urgent. Varun gives the number. Jahaan goes to Ilahi’s house as a delivery guy. Ginni says its not our order. He says its yours, payment is made. She thinks Ranjeet would have sent it. He asks for a glass of water. She asks him to wait.

She goes. He enters the house. He looks for Ilahi. He thinks where shall I find her. She gets the water. She asks where are you roaming. He says washroom. She scolds him and asks him to get out. He thinks how shall I help Ilahi. Amar wakes up. Happy gets the alcohol for him. Biji recalls Ilahi’s words. Ginni comes and says I love Ilahi as my daughter, all the money got over. Biji says I m mixing Multani mitti for Ilahi, I m sad that Ilahi isn’t happy with this marriage. Ginni asks did you like these things. Biji says yes, I wish this marriage happens well, so that my responsibility gets fulfilled. Ginni says don’t worry, I will do anything for this.

Ilahi recalls everything. She prays that something happens. She talks to her mum and asks her to save her from this marriage.

Precap: Ilahi prays. Jahaan puts the torch and gets her attention. She comes on the terrace. He says sorry Ilahi, I will try to fix everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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