Junooniyat 15th March 2023 Written Update: Ilahi-Ranjith engagement

The episode starts with Ilahi recalling Biji’s words. Ranjith’s family arrives there. Biji welcomes Maan’s family. Dharmendar was disappointed to see it. A girl walks in, covering her face with a veil. She stares at Ranjith from far.

Biji gives the shagun money to her. Husna removes her veil and packs Ilahi’s things. She asks her to stay at Bua’s house. She will participate in the competition. No one is able to stop her winning it. Ilahi says that she doesn’t want to elope from home.

Husna asks her, is she going to sacrifice her life? Ilahi says that she doesn’t want to create a scene. They will badmouth her that she eloped like her mom. Husna asks her not to sacrifice her life for others. Ilahi says that Amardeep always saves her from tough situations. This time he will also help her to stop it. Husna says to her that nothing is going to happen like she said.

Ilahi is shocked to see her father’s room locked from outside. He was in an intoxicated state. She tries to wake him up. Ilahi throws her bangles at him to get his attention. But he falls on the floor. Ilahi says that she needs his help now. She feels heartbroken. She recalls her moments with her father. She lost her last hope too.

Jahan reaches college. He recalls Dharmendar’s words about Ilahi. He misses her and imagines her near him. Jordan collides with him. Both recall the way they fought each other. Meanwhile, Ginni takes Ilahi out. Ranjith sits close to Ilahi. He praises her appearance. She feels nervous.

Shabnam starts the rituals. Husna records the live engagement video. She doubts who will help her to stop this wedding, Jahan or Jordan? Ginni shows the engagement ring to Ilahi. She praised the design. Biji asks her to forward her hand.

Ginni forces her to give her hand to Ranjith. Ilahi recognises his touch and recalls the way he misbehaved with her. Ilahi holds Biji’s hand in fear. Jordan and Jahan recall Husna’s warning and look at each other. Ranjith puts the ring on Ilahi’s hand. Ginni forces Ilahi to put the ring on Ranjith’s hand. Ginni congratulated everyone.

Both Jahan and Jordan received the engagement video at the same time. Ranjith forces Ilahi to eat the sweets. Ilahi is scared of facing him. Jahan says that he was the reason for her state.

Jordan asks him not to blame him again. He will break him. He asks him to do it. Husna complained that, because of them, Ilahi is trapped but they are busy complaining. She insults their friendship.

Ranjith takes Biji’s permission to dance with Ilahi. Ilahi gets nervous. She faints down in shock. Jordan inquires Husna about Ranjith. Husna thinks that this matter is between them, and how Biju found it.

Jordan thinks that he won’t allow this wedding to take place. Jahan thinks that, as a friend of Ilahi, he has to do something. Biji tries to wake Ilahi up.

Shabnam inquires them what happened to her? She asks Maan to call the doctor. Ginni says that, nowadays, girls are more conscious about their diets . She asks Happy to bring lemon water. Ranjith signals to his mom. She asks Biji. Ilahi will be alright tomorrow, right? They will bring Bharath tomorrow.

Episode end

Precap; Ranjith will inform Shabnam that he won’t leave Ilahi in this state. Later, a girl will inform Ranjith that she won’t allow him to ruin another girl’s life. Ilahi will hug Biji in fear. Jahan will notice it.

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