“It was a 95% blockage, I survived a major heart attack and this was because of the love and positive energy from the fans which are coming in,” says Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen came live on Instagram, giving a health update and has given some special messages for all the fans and loved ones.

MUMBAI : It was quite a shocking news for all the fans and audience when they came to know that Sushmita Sen suffered a major heart attack.

Earlier, Sushmita Sen had given out a post revealing the news of getting a Heart Attack few days ago. Ever since then, we have seen the fans and audience praying for her good health and sending across positivity energy for the actress.


Sushmita came live today on instagram for the first time ever since she suffered a heart attack. The actress was looking a little low and her voice was very weak during the session as she spoke to her followers.

The actress has thanked all the fans and audience for this positive energy and all the prayers for her well being. She also had a list to thank a few people which included her close ones and a few doctors who had treated the actress.


The actress said that from the past 2 days, she has been getting a lot of positive messages and lot of prayers from the fans and audience and she feels overwhelmed. Sushmita Sen says that the greatest earning of life is the generating love.

Sushmita Sen also says that she is now taking a lot of care and she will be fine very soon and will shoot for the Season 3 of Aarya like never before. The actress says that she has survived the heart attack that had 95% blockage and this is all because of the love she has been getting from the fans and audience.


The actress added that never think that gym is a bad place to go in fact she said that it is because of the gym and her fitness that she had survived a big heart attack. Sushmita also said that being on the other side of the heart attack this feeling has given her a sense of promise and she also says that heart attack is not only a men thing and even women get it.

We wish for a speedy recovery of  Sushmita.


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