Imlie 8th April 2023 Written Update

Dhairya asks Chini why has she come to him. Chini says to befriend him as their enemy is same. Dhairya looks at his and his mother’s photo and says their motives are different. Chini says they both are similar and didn’t get their rights in childhood, she can understand his pain. Dhairya says she can’t say that if she never slept hungry. Chini says poverty made him cry, even she cried staying in a big bunglow, she doesn’t like an undeserving person getting everything, she hates Imlie for same and so does Dhairya hates Atharva. She extrends a friendship hand and asks if he will join her and make Rana family’s lives a hell. Dhairya accepts her proposal.

Devika gets worried when Rudra doesn’t gain consciousness. Imlie informs that she spoke to doctor, he told Rudra will gain consciousness by the morning. Devika asks Imlie to take everyone home and let her stay with Rudra. Imlie asks her to go and rest and let her stay back. Devika says Ginni and Ripu have exams, so Imlie should go home and help them and then return to hospital after attending her job. Akash says since Imlie needs to attend hospital, he will take care of office. Devika says let Imlie handle her work and asks Atharva to shift Rudra to a different hospital. Imlie says she will pack Rudra’s bag and finish discharge formalities. Akash fumes that his parents don’t trust him unnecessarily. Keya reminds that he did 50 lakhs fraud recently. Akash says his parents can forgive him, but they just value Atharva and Imlie.

Next morning, Imlie from office calls Atharva and asks if papa ergained consciousness. Atharva says papa is fine now and fumes on a truck driver who performed Rudra’s accident. Imlie then gets an unanimous call from hotel association’s president inviting her for a meeting at Morvika Hotel. Imlie calls him back and finds his number not reachable. Atharva also gets a call to visit Morvika Hotel to meet a producer about a concert. Akash disconnects call and reveals it was him and Keya who called them to hotel with a veil plan. Imlie calls Dhairya and scolds him for still not reaching office, she informs him to directly reach Morvika Hotel for a conference. Dhairya asks his friend to take care of his mother and leaves. Chini calls him. He informs Chini that he is going to Morvika Hotel with boss madam for a business meet. Chini asks him to make sure Imlie doesn’t get this business contract and asks if he got any bad news about Rudra. Dhairya says Rudra is fine. Chini hopes he dies soon. Friend switches on TV and asks mother to watch TV until he finishes some work and returns. Mother watches news about Rudra’s accident and being shifted in a hospital and rushes to meet him.

Imlie with Dhairya reaches hotel followed by Atharva. Keya and Akash sitting nearby send their aide waitress to execute their plan. Waitress drops juice on Imlie, apologies, takes her washroom to clean herself, and locks washroom from outside. She then takes Atharva to a waiting area to meet producer. Dhairya passes by washroom and hears Imlie pleading for help. Chini walks into hotel to humiliate Imlie in front of everyone and hides seeing Atharva there. Dhairya tries to break hotel lock with a fire extinguisher and hits himself. Imlie asks if he is fine. He says yes and hits door again. Door opens and he slips on Imlie. Atharva walks in and sees them in compromising position.

Precap: Imlie tells god that Atharva proved that he trusts her immensely. Atharva blames Imlie for his failed career while she herself climbed a ladder of success. Chini thinks a crack developed between Arto and Imlie’s relationship, soon she will make sure they are separated.

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