Imlie 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie In A Tight Spot

Imlie’s boss informs her that he has mailed a few transport companies where there is a scam going on and her father-in-law’s company is also in the list. He asks if she thinks she can’t do this investigation, she can back off. Imlie promises to find out truth at any cost. Rudra thanks Dhairya for helping Imlie. Dhairya says he was fulfilling his responsibility towards the company. Rudra says if he still hasn’t forgotten a pain his family gave him. Dhairya says he is habituated to this pain. Rudra says he doesn’t understand his words sometimes, but he understands his work; he became a manager from a driver within 5 years and his hard work will take him to new heights. He calls his manager and asks him to keep papers ready as he is going to make an announcement regarding Atharva’s replacement during party.

Dhairya feels happy thinking he will be given Atharva’s position. He calls his mother and says he will be finally getting what he deserves. Mother suggests him to control his anger and gain patience as his name. Dhairya says he is sure Rudra will make him director of operations tonight. He returns to party hall. Rudra gives speech how he worked hard for 30 years to grow his business and its time to include young generation with progressive thinking. He praises a person who is daring and doesn’t hesitate to take up challenges, etc., and says company’s new director of operations is.. Adhairya steps forward but then stands disheartened hearing Rudra announcing Imlie’s name. Everyone clap for Imlie while Imlie stands surprised. Devika tells Imlie that she deserves it. Akash and Keya stand fuming.

Imlie walks to Rudra thinking she already has responsibility on her. Rudra says Imlie did what his sons couldn’t and he completely trusts her, his company DNR Transport needs her. Atharva says he is confident on Imlie. Imlie accepts Rudra’s proposal. Back to room, Imlie calls her boss and informs her that she can’t do a sting operation on DNR transport. Boss says he thought she is also a professional like her mother, her parents would be ashamed if she backs off, etc. Imlie impressed with his speech agrees to do sting operation on DNR transport. Atharva hears her and asks if she will really do that. Imlie gets tensed and tries to explain. Atharva asks her to relax and says she is clear hearted and he knows there must be some reason if she has accepted this assignment. Imlie asks if he is not angry on her. He says he knows she must have got some solid proof.

Imlie reveals that her boss is sure that smuggling activities are going on in Rudra’s company. Atharva says she need not worry as he will speak to Rudra and ask him to give director of operations position to someone else. Imlie gets emotional and says his support made her emotional. She asks if he is not sad that someone else got his position. Atharva says he knows he can’t handle Rudra’s business and doesn’t deserve that position. They both spend quality time together. Dhairya returns home. His mother says she knew he would have got promotion, so she prepared aaloo poori for him. He eats pooris silently. His mother asks reason for his silence. Dhairya says he worked hard for the desigination, but Rudra gave it to his DIL. He describes a whole story happened and determines to snatch his right from Imlie.

Imlie with Devika promotes Country Delight milk. Next morning, Imlie gets ready for work and prays god for help. Atharva says tathasthu, her wish will be fulfilled. He feeds her sweet curd for good luck. Imlie says even he has concert today and should have sweet curd. Atharva says even he needs good luck. She says she will bring another spoon. He stops her and eats it from her spoon. Imlie prays god that any problem doesn’t hover on him.

Precap: Rudra introduces Imlie to his employees as their new boss. Employees comment that Imlie can’t handle a transport business. Dhairya says Imlie is incompetent to handle it.

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