Imlie 20th March 2023 Written Update: Dhairya ruins lmlie’s mission

The episode starts with Arto trying to reveal he didn’t finish the proposal but then he gets shocked on seeing the complete proposal on the projector. He feels thankful towards Imlie and then he starts giving presentation in front of the clients. He explains the story of Rudra how he started from zero and then ended up building such a huge transport business. Dhairya also hears it mindfully. Arto requests the clients to have faith on Rudra and because of Akash’s fault they should not cancel the deal with Rudra. Everyone claps for Arto in the end of the presentation. Arto asks Dhariya why he is not congratulating him? Dhairya says he will congratulate Imlie not him. Because the words are of Imlie’s not of Arto’s. In flashback Dhairya calls Imlie at night to give some points for the proposal to Arto. Imlie says she will note it down. Dhairya taunts Arto for not being serious about work. Imlie tells him not to lecture. He gives her the points and she uses them in the proposal. Dhairya’s words offend Arto. Later Imlie comes home upset and Kia asks her if something wrong happened in the office. Imlie shuts her up.

Arto and Rudra come back home happily and Rudra tells the family members to perform Arto’s aarti as he gave brilliant presentation. Imlie gets delighted for Arto. Arto takes Imlie to room after getting praises. He says why she stayed up all night to finish his proposal, when it was his job. He says she deserves all the credits not he. He wants to inform Rudra that she put all the efforts. She stops him and adds he should not break the trust of Rudra on him. Kia overhears that and realises it means because of Imlie, Arto gave the presentation happily. She is about to go to Rudra to tell him the truth but Imlie stops her. Imlie shows Kia the proof against her and warns her not to make the mistake. Kia gets shocked and says how come she got the footage against her. Imlie says she is Aryan and Imlie’s daughter so she has that talent to find out any kind of truth. Kia asks her if she will really tell Rudra about her act. Imlie says she won’t hurt the family but she will suggest Kia to do something worthy to win family’s trust instead of doing all this. Kia says she is happy that because of her Imlie got scolded in the office.

Dhairya takes care of his mother and the latter coughs. He goes to arrange medicine for her. There Arto thanks Imlie for making him realise about Rudra’s unknown side in the office. Workers respect him a lot and he is inspiration to many. Imlie gets happy seeing Arto’s bliss. She then wonders how to finish her unfinished task which failed at the start. There Kia tells Akash Imlie failed their plan again. Akash says he is waiting for the right time to attack them. He tells Kia to wait and watch. There Imlie disguises herself as a rich lady to expose the hospital staffs. She goes there and demands a medicine. She says she will offer extra money to them with her changed accent. There Dhairya reaches the same hospital and asks for the same medicine. But the wardbody says it’s not available. Dhairya gets irked and notices Imlie is holding the medicine bottle so he calls out her name.

Precap- Imlie asks Dhairya not to interrupt in her work. He says he really needs that medicine. But lmlie’s wig comes out and she gets caught by the staffs. Imlie runs away and Dhairya is shocked to see all of that.

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