Imlie 1st April 2023 Written Update

Imlie rushes Atharva to hospital assuring him that nothing will happen to him. She requests doctor to save her husband’s life as he is shot. Akash wanders anxiously in his room. Keya asks why is he parading. Akash says kidnappers shot Atharva, now he will be blamed for Arto’s condition, Imlie’s kidnap, and Mohan’s murder. Keya asks him to relax as Imlie is freed and everyone’s attention would be towards Atharva now, so nobody will doubt them. Akash hopes so. Atharva’s operation starts. Imlie cries standing near door recalling her and Atharva’s bonding. Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise.. song plays in the background. After surgery, doctor informs Imlie that Atharva needs blood transfusion, but the blood is not available in their blood bank and hence she has to arrange it from her family members or somewhere else.

Rudra gets inspector’s call who informs him that Atharva is shot. He breaks down in shock. Family rushes to him. Imlie calls Shivani and informs her that Atharva is shot and needs blood tranfusion, so they all should reach hospital and donate him blood. Shivani says Rudra is ill, so he can’t donate blood. Devika says Akash’s blood group matches. They all call Akash. Keya gets afraid and says they found out our conspiracies. Manish rushes to Akash, informs him about Atharva condition, and says he needs to donate blood. Akash says he will get the car out. Imlie breaks down seeing Atharva’s condition and requests him not to leave his friend alone. She calls Rudra and asks where are they. Rudra says they are on the way.

Akash drives car slowly and thinks why should he help his family who always humiliated him. He takes a wrong route citing construction work and gets stuck in a heavy traffic jam. Imlie calls Rudra again and asks when will they reach. Rudra says they are stuck in traffic jam. Imlie thinks Atharva need blood immediately and informs nurse that she will get blood from outside. A hoodie man bumps on Imlie. Imlie apologizes him. He ignores her and gets into ICU and donates blood to Atharva. Rudra doubts Akash’s intentions and gets out of car to walk to hospital. Shivani stops him and says they will reach hospital in 2 minutes once traffic jam clears. Akash asks him to get into car and comfort Devika. Imlie returns hospital with blood. Nurse informs her that a hoodie man donated blood to Atharav. Imlie walks to man and asks if he donated blood to her husband. Nurse calls him just then, and man leaves. Imlie prays for a good samaritan.

Man walks out and reveals himself to be Dhairya. He thinks he did one more favor to Atharva, now their blood is same, he will not let Atharva die as the game just started. Ranas reach hospital. Rudra calls Imlie and learns that someone donated blood to Atharva. Dhairya passes by near them. Ranas walk into hospital. Back home, Devika shows concern for Atharva. Imlie says Atharva is fine. Devika thanks her for saving Atharva’s love and offers her prasad. Imlie asks her to bless her and comforts her. Devika smiles. Divya praises her for cheering up Devika. Manish informs Rudra that inspector informed that Dhairya is not involved in Mohan’s murder and to prove himself innocent, he had kidnapped Imlie; they should warn Dhairya. Rudra says he is happy that his both children returned home safe. Keya questions Imlie’s character and asks how can she be so calm after spending a whole night with Dhairya.

Precap: Atharva takes chocolates for Imlie and gets jealous seeing Imlie having Dhairya’s brought malpua. Dhairiya thinks he didn’t get his identity and fame because of Atharva, he will snatch Atharva’s biggest happiness Imlie from him.

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