Imlie 19th March 2023 Written Update: Imlie fails to complete a task

The episode starts with Imlie preparing her research project and Devika gives her milk. Rana’s come to congratulate her for her designation. Imlie asks them how do they know? Ripu says Sundar told them. Kia taunts Imlie saying she didn’t become a minister so they don’t need to get over excited. Arto says the next step after intern is Assistant reporter only. Later Imlie tells Arto to not think much about the proposal. Arto says still he is bit worried. It’s a big responsibility. Imlie suggests him to have ice cream so that he can feel relaxed. Kia and Akash get jealous seeing them. Akash says Imlie made him jobless and now celebrating for her own promotion. Kia says she even gave Akash’s position to Arto. She decides to make a plan against them.

Arto and Imlie spend some quality time together while having ice cream. Arto gets Dhairya’s call who tells him about doing his proposal properly. Dhairya says if Arto can’t impress Chadda then the jobs of many will be at stake. This is a vital proposal and by tomorrow morning he has to submit it. Arto says he knows that and he won’t sleep at night until he finishes his proposal. Arto feels sleepy and Imlie comes to give him coffee. After some time Arto goes to listen to some music to get energy so that he can start working on his proposal but then he falls asleep. There Imlie realises her research files are gone from her laptop. She thinks how will she wake Arto up as he also didn’t finish his proposal. She gets worried and Kia notices them from corner. She says now both of them will face the consequences in office. She took her revenge.

Arto wakes up in the morning and realises he didn’t finish his proposal yet. He panics and goes to office. He waits for the time when he will tell Rudra that his proposal is not prepared yet. Some workers talk to Rudra and Arto gets introduced to them. They thank Rudra for his constant support. Arto gets happy and Dhairya glares at him. Arto feels like why Dhairya looks like he is challenging him all the time. Khanna arrives and says he would like to see what kind of proposal Arto prepared. There Imlie goes to complete the task as per their plan. Imlie is asked to sit on the wheel chair before going inside the hospital where illegal activities are going on. Imlie thinks she is already tired as she was awake whole night. She goes inside and the other partners of Imlie ask the wardboy to arrange blood for Imlie immediately. The wardboy asks for extra money and their act has been recorded by the camera. The men tell Imlie to leave the place but she falls asleep and then she gets up in shock. Her camera falls off and those people find out that Imlie is here to collect proof against them. They break the camera and Imlie runs away with her partners. They scold Imlie for falling asleep. There Akash tells Kia what if Rudra will get more angry at them. Kia says today he will only understand that Arto is good for nothing. There Arto feels everyone is expecting a lot from him but they don’t know he couldn’t finish the proposal.

Precap- Dhairya catches Arto’s proposal is done by Imlie hearing the great Hindi words. Dhairya says congratulations to Imlie not to Arto.

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