Imlie 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Rudra says to his family that he never knew Dhairya can do something like that to them. He is hard working and dedicated employee for them. Akash thinks he already trapped him and now it would be easy to put all the blame on him. He says even he sent goons behind Rana’s. Rudra shouldn’t have made him the supervisor. Kia says Dhairya wanted to steal more money so he did this fraud. Arto gets furious at him and says he won’t spare him for trying to harm his family. Akash tells him to calm down but Arto says now the matter is about his family and it has become personal for him.

Kia thinks Arto is on revenge mood and they can land in trouble if Arto attacks Dhairya. She asks Akash what would he do if Dhairya says he is innocent. Akash says he will handle the matter then too. Dhairya is poor and nobody will trust him. Imlie informs Satyakam she reached home and then she asks Shivani what about Dhairya and she also heard of this name before too. Shivani says Arto and Akash went to file police complaint against him. Imlie asks Kia where is Akash and if Dhairya is the real culprit. Kia says whatever it is Akash will manage and Dhairya can’t escape for sending goons. Imlie remembers finally that Akash was taking Dhairya’s name and saying that Dhairya was on leave for his mother’s sickness. Then how can he hire goons from his house. She goes to stop Arto from taking any wrong step.

There Arto and Akash search for Dhairya in his locality. Imlie reaches the same location and thinks which one is the right address of Dhairya. A man is sitting on the rooftop and repairing the water tank which is broken. Suddenly the tank is about to fall on Imlie and she gets shocked. He holds the tank before it falls on Imlie. The water spreads everywhere and Imlie notices him and hears his name. She asks him if he is Dhairya only. He mocks her at first and then jumps down to face her. He says she is not normal so she is not thanking him for saving her. She says she is normal and she asks him again if he is Dhairya? Dhairya says he is Dhairya Hooda and his friends call him as Hero. She asks him what his enemies call him then? She asks if he attacked her family? Dhairya gets confused hearing the accusation. Arto comes and tells Imlie to stay away from Dhariya. Arto blames him for betraying Rudra. He holds Dhairya by his collar and the latter warns him not to anger him. Arto says he will kill him today. Dhairya says if he gets angry he can also beat him up. Imlie stops Arto from hitting him.

Dhairya hears some noise and goes inside his house. He sees Akash is ordering his men to break stuffs in Dhairya’s house. Dhairya controls his anger and doesnt break his silence. There Imlie tells Arto that she heard Akash’s talk yesterday and Dhairya is innocent and he is getting framed maybe. Arto says what she is saying? They see a lady is coughing and the lady takes Dhairya’s name and says she is his mother. She also cries in front of Imlie and Arto saying Dhairya took leave to take care of her only. Arto assures her that Dhairya won’t lose his job. He tells Imlie that it means Akash lied to them. He decides to inform Rudra about it. Arto and Imlie drop her home and Dhairya’s mother starts crying seeing the messy condition in her house. Imlie consoles her and Arto says this shouldn’t have happened. Imlie says a poor person earns money with hard work and they should not face such humiliation. Arto says he will question Akash for his deed.

Precap- Dhairya breaks stuffs in Rana House and Arto gets mad at him. Dhairya says Arto made his mother cry and he won’t leave him for that. Arto says the same. They both try to attack each other and Ranas get shocked.

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