Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th April 2023 Written Update: Shiva and Mini love each other’s company!

The episode begins with a girl being introduced into the night as mini baking cookies. She sings and enjoys baking. Next day, Mini takes cookies for Chacha and he says you will spoil me with cookies. Mini says just enjoy. An aunty says that you will always give her cheat food and will not even take money. Mini says my payment is your blessing and happiness. Mini leaves. At the royal palace, Rani Sahiba inquires about Shivendra’s security update. Assistant says we have activated security as you said, no need to worry, we have activated and alerted everyone and there will be no problem. Rani Sahiba says our palace is so big and everyone is jealous of royalty so we have to be careful. Shiva comes and takes his blessings. Rani Sahiba blessed him. Shiva says I am going for an important meeting, I hope this deal gets closed. Rani Sahiba says yes it will, who does not want to sign an agreement with royalty.

Meanwhile, Maasi asks Mini not to donate so much that she will never be able to make any profit from the bakery. Mini says its not all about business, I love baking, my passion is baking and making people happy, and money is not more important than people and relationships. Maasi says you and your philosophies are very different. Mini says its just me. Maasi prays to give this girl some brain to think about herself too. Mini goes to drop D. D says maasi you are the best. Mini says no you are. D says I don’t like going to school. Mini says you have to because I always go to drop you. D says only that part which I like.

Mini leaves D on the bus and leaves. Mini comes and opens her bakery. Shiva enters it and sees that Mini likes to cook. Shiva asks for his orders. Mini says yes just give me some time. Shiva also asks for decaffeinated coffee for himself. Mini says sure, you will definitely like it, you should try other things too, this cafe was started by my parents and people like our cookies which are freshly baked by me. Shiva smiles seeing her excitement. An uncle comes and says I am very sad, I have got diabetes and now I cannot eat your delicious cookies. Mini says only Rosie aunty can give you diabetes, but you can always have my cookies as I have sugar free ones for you. Uncle gets excited. Shiva likes the way Mini handles things. Shiva learns that he has not found his wallet. Mini says you can pay through gpay. Shiva says I do not use it. Mini says no problem you can pay me next time. Shiva says no no. Mini says trust me, I am fine with it. Shiva takes it.

Shiva is called for a meeting so he goes and the customer tries to be smart and he taunts Shiva about his royalty and the news about him. Shiv says okay then it seems we don’t have a good partnership. The client says sorry and they make a deal. Shiva plays it smartly and says just give me a few more days. The customer gets upset. Shiv’s brother says you are so emotionless, is there any way you can take out your feelings? Shiva says I never thought it was needed. Here, Rani comes across a very hyperactive woman sitting in the dark. She looks like a psychic. She says a big storm is going to come soon in your life and you absolutely cannot escape it in this palace, it is written all over it. Rani asks her to be specific. She says you will come to know. Here, Mini waits for Shasha so that she can take care of the bakery while he goes to deliver a large order. D comes and says I will handle it maasi. Mini laughed. Shasha finally arrives so she leaves. At night, Shiva comes home when he hears someone’s whistle, where he sees Mini. They both smile at each other and greet each other.

Episode Ends.

Precap – The client arrives in a drunken state and comments on Mini’s character.

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