Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th April 2023 Written Update: Amba emotionally blackmails Satya

The Episode starts with Pakhi asking Sai how she is feeling after occupying her position. Sai asks what does he mean. Pakhi reminds Sai that Sai used to hate Pakhi as she used to be another woman in Virat’s life and now they have changed places. Pakhi asks Sai how it feels to have another woman in Virat’s life. Pakhi asks Sai if she is hating herself as she used to hate Pakhi as now Sai is taking Virat away from his wife. Sai is about to leave. Pakhi reveals that she heard Virat’s confession to Sai on call and says that Virat is very happy and I want to know if Sai is also happy after snatching away her rights.

Satya tries to tell Prabha that she cannot marry him but Prabha does not listen and tells her how excited she is to be with her family members. Sai tells Pakhi that she never steps in her shoes as they also have thorns. Sai tells Pakhi that she heard Virat’s confession but asks Pakhi if she heard what he said. Sai says she did not say yes to Virat. Paki reminds Sai that she said neither. Pakhi asks Sai if she will reject Virat’s proposal. Sai asks her not to force and says that she is not responsible for the distance between her and Virat. Pakhi asks her not to divert the topic. She says I know you are never going to say no as it is yes from you and the truth is that you are going to accept Virat’s proposal. Sai asks her to stop accusing him. She says Virat likes me but I didn’t allow his advances as I don’t want him back in my life. Sai says you want my answer right, I can never become another woman in Virat’s life and my answer to Virat’s confession is no. She says she doesn’t want them to give Virat another chance as he is someone else’s husband and she doesn’t want to break her son’s family. Sai says you want to harm me again in front of my son but I will not give you such a chance again. Pakhi looks on. Sai leaves.

Satya sees Amba packing her stuff. Satya asks where is she going. Amba says you have canceled this alliance too and I can’t stay here anymore as you are killing my dreams and we can’t stay here until you agree to the marriage. Amba, Gauri, Maddy and Dadi are about to leave the house. Satya asks them to stop blackmailing her. They say you want to be alone so be alone. They are about to leave in a cab. Satya stops them and agrees to the marriage. Amba gives him an ultimatum that he has to bring the girl of his choice in 24 hours or else he will have to marry the girl of his choice. Satya asks how can this be possible in 24 hours. They ask Satya to be alone if it is not possible and leave in a cab. Satya thinks that he cannot live without his family. He runs in front of the cab. The driver stops the car. Satya requests Amba and others not to leave her. Amba says you want to live with memories so live without us. Satya says that he cannot live without them and accepts Amba’s condition of 24 hours. Amba says if he goes back on his words then they will be gone forever. Satya agrees and asks them to return home. They have agreed. Satya thinks that to come out of the present problem he has to do some planning.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sai thinks she has to take a difficult decision as so many lives depend on her decision. She thinks she is ready with her decision.

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