Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Accuses Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vinayak gets Savi’s message that she is missing her at dinner outing and will pack food for him. He feels sad seeing Savi and her parent’s selfie. Pakhi brings pizza for him and asks if he likes mamma’s pizza or restaurant pizza. Vinayak says her pizza is best, but he likes having food outside with her and baba. He shows Savi’s selfie with her parents. Pakhi says Virat used to go out with them as only they were his family before, but now Virat is making another family and hence busy with them; let them do whatever they want to, we both will enjoy. Bhavani hears that and asks why is she brainwashing Vinu that Virat is making another family, she should stop her ngativitty right here as they will be celebrating holi tomorrow with positive vibes with everyone. Vinu walks away saying he will not celebrate holi with Sai. Bhavani says she knows Pakhi’s evil intentions and warnsher to stop filling negativity in Vinu’s mind, she wants to celebrate holi with both her grandchildren happily and doesn’t want any intervention. Pakhi thinks whatever Bhavani, Virat, and Sai think, Vinu belongs to only her.

Next morning, Bhavani makes holika dahan arrangement with her grandchildren and ask them to get ready with new clothes for holika dahan. She then passes by outhouse and notices Sai drawing rangoli. She says its good that she came to stay here and considers CN as her house now. Sai says she came here for her son and will leave once she removes toxicity against her in his mind; she is thankful to Bhavani for informing Savi about her biological father, Bhavani must have done that to take revenge from her, etc. Bhavani says she can think whatever she wants to, she drew pretty rangoli though. She thinks Sai is wrong that she took revenge from her and also wrong to think that she will let her take Vinu from here, she will not let both Vinu and Savi go from here. Pakhi spoils Sai’s drawn rangoli. Sai asks what is she doing. Pakhi says this is her own and she is DIL of this house and only she has right to decorate this house for celebrations, Sai is trying to snatch her right just because she let her stay in this house, etc. She tries to correct rangoli. Sai says thieves think others are stelaing their stuff, she tried to spoil other’s happiness and didn’t realize that she is ruining her own happiness, etc. She walks in, leaving Pakhi frowning.

Savi gets ready for festival and insists Sai to wear Virat’s gifted sari. Sai refuses. Savi refuses to celebrate holi and have her prepared food. Chavan ladies get ready for holi celebration and complement each other. Karishma asks Ashwini who is looking more beautiful. Ashwini searches and notices Pakhi coming wearing traditional Maharastrian attire. Sonali whistles and says Pakhi is looking like Indralok’s apsara. Pakhi says what is the use of getting ready when her husband doesn’t pay attention to her. Virat gets busy looking at his mobile. Ninad suggests him to praise his wife once as she gets ready spending hours for him. Sai is seen getting ready at her house. Virat nervously walks to Pakhi and says she is looking very beautiful. Sai walks in with Savi. Virat’s face brightens seeing Sai and recalling Ninad’s words. Pakhi gets jealous seeing Sai. Karishma says Ashwini is wrong, even Sai is looking very beautiful. Bhavani says only Sai is looking beautiful and its a truth.

Precap: Virat hand cuffs Sai and says she is under arrest for not applying holi to her husband. Sai asks if he has gone mad, what does he mean by husband.

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