Faltu 10th April 2023 Written Update: Ayaan Saves Faltu

The Episode starts with Ayaan entering the room to save Faltal and the kids. He also gets caught in the fire. However, he manages to save the children by breaking the window first. He asks Faltu to go out next, but Faltu refuses to leave leaving Ayaan. Fell unconscious. Ayaan holds Faltu in his arms and walks out of the room. Everyone is worried about Faltu, while Tanisha fumes with anger. On regaining consciousness, Ayaan hugs Faltu. Faltu says she wants to know who is the culprit. She tells Ayaan that someone intentionally locked her in that room, but due to the darkness, she could not see that person’s face. She tells Tanisha that she has sent her there. Tanisha agreed yes. She says some sound was coming. She says any child would have done this. She asks how can Faltu doubt him. Faltu and Ayaan are determined to find the culprit.

Tanisha gets separated. he is worried. Sid calls Tanisha and asks about the fire in Faltu’s house. Tanisha gets shocked and asks how did she know this. He says that a staff member told him this. He asks if Tanisha is fine. He says the staff said that someone deliberately locked the extravaganza in the room to kill her. He asks who could have done this. Tanisha gets irritated and angrily retorts to him, leaving Sid shocked. He asks why does she look angry. The family overhears Sid talking about the fire and questions him. Sid informs about the fire in Faltu’s house and Ayaan risks his life to save Faltu. They were shocked to know this.

Ayaan tells the inspector what happened. They say that someone intentionally wants to harm the extravagance. He asks the inspector to interrogate everyone. Just then Tanisha reaches there. Inspector asks who is she. Charan says she is their guest. The constable gets an oil can. Daroga asks Faltu if he suspects anyone inside or outside the house. Useless. The latter says that he does not suspect anyone in the family. She asks the inspector to interrogate Pappi.

Savita blames Faltu for putting Ayaan’s life at risk. Dadi assures Savita that Sid said Ayaan is fine now. Sid appreciates Ayaan’s love for extravagance. He says they should respect it. Kanika reaches there and says love my foot. Ayaan tells Faltu that he doesn’t think Pappi can do this as they haven’t seen him for days. But Faltu is convinced that it is Pappi’s handiwork. Tanisha also urges the Inspector to interrogate Pappi. Inspector agrees and leaves. Tanisha is relieved that the police is after Pappi and till then decides to kill Faltu. Faltu sees that Ayaan is injured. She asks him to accompany her to treat his wounds.

Kanika blames Faltu and Ayan’s love for Tanisha’s ruined life. Dadi reminds Kanika that it was Tanisha’s decision to divorce Ayaan, so she should let the matter go. Kanika threatens to throw Ayaan out of the house for marrying Faltu. Sid suspects that Tanisha is behind the assassination attempt on Faltu. Faltu applies ointment on Ayaan’s wounds. They come closer. Tanisha reaches there and snatches the ointment from Faltu’s hand.

The episode ends.

Precap: Ayaan and Faltu suspect that Tanisha is behind the attack on Faltu. Tanisha tells Kanika that Ayaan is only hers and has planned her next move. She says neither her and Ayaan’s divorce will happen nor Ayaan and Faltu’s marriage.

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