Durga Aur Charu 7th April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Dadi asks Savitri to make sure that Charu stay away from the house tonight. Savitri tells her that Charu would have left the house. Dadi wonders that why Sampurna let Charu stay in Choudhary house. Chumki tells Dadi that Sampurna felt pity for Charu. She says that Sampurna and Binoy love Charu so much and it looks like Charu did black magic on them. And what if Charu does something like this here too. Dadi says that she won’t even let Charu’s shadow touch Anirban and Durga.

Charu gets ready to leave for bazaar. She notices Anirban leaving the house. She wonders that where is he going when he should be with Durga. She follows him and asks him that where is he going when Durga is waiting for him. He tells her that he don’t care about it. She asks him that what happened to him. He tells her that she is doing everything. He asks her to stop lying to Durga. Because if Durga got to know the truth from someone else then, they can’t handle that situation. She tells him that, that situation won’t come. She says that Anirban should stay with Durga now. He says that he can’t accept Durga as his wife. He tells her that she is complicating things and he won’t go to Durga.

Chumki compliments Durga. She asks her that where is Charu. Durga tells her that Charu must be busy with work. Chumki says that Anirban did not come yet.

Charu gives vermilion to Anirban. She asks him to apply it on Durga’s forehead and give wife rights to Durga. He tells her to apply this vermilion on his name. She tells him that she don’t love him. He tells her that he love her only. He says that he is dying daily. She says that she can’t see tears in Durga’s eyes. He tells her that she care about Durga only. She tells him that she care about him too. He tells her that she is ruining three persons life and truth comes out one day. And he can’t stay away from Charu. She moves from there and loses her consciousness when she met with an accident. And vermilion falls on Charu’s forehead.

Dadi and Savitri learns that Anirban is not in the house. Chumki tells them that Charu is also outside the house. She says that Charu is really cunning. Dadi and Savitri says that they trust Anirban.

Anirban brings the unconscious Charu. Durga gets worried seeing Charu. She asks Anirban that what happened to Charu. Anirban tells her about accident. Latika asks about Charu’s vermilion. Anirban says that Charu had vermilion box and vermilion fell on Charu’s forehead during accident. And Charu wanted him to give that vermilion to Durga. Durga says that they should take Charu to her room. Dadi opposes her. Anirban says that Durga can take care of Charu.

Episode ends.

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