Durga Aur Charu 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Bholi confesses to her crimes

Durga Aur Charu 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on ArticleWeb.me

Scene 1
Abhirup says I will take Anirban’s proposal for Durga Rai Chaudhary. Dadi says I am so happy. Savitri says we will celebrate a lot. Dadi says see Abhirup you were always disappointed in him and he’s marrying the girl of your choice. Anirban asks Abhirup to hug him once. Latika says let’s celebrate after you marry Durga. Abhirup says yes that’s when I will hug you. Abhirup says to Latika the real papers of the land am I closet. Charu’s man hears it.

Scene 2
Bholi says what should I do? Durga comes and says meet this baba ji. He fixes things and takes your curses out. I can take you there. Bholi says can we go there? Durga says yes. Let’s go there. Chumki comes.

At night, Durga brings Bholi to a dark temple. The baba screams. Durga says he’s the baba. He says know your name already. He says this Bholi uses her mind a lot but whether Sheru or Durga her plans never work. Bholi says Durga you sit outside let me talk to baba. Durga goes out. She asks Baba how do you know about Sheru? My plans aren’t working. They’re cursed. Baba says your past will come in front of you. Makay. She says he’s dead. Baba says he is alive nad he will come to kill you. She says he’s dead. You are a fraud. Bholi sees Makay walking past. She’s shocked. She says no it can’t be him. He’s dead. She goes out and sees Makay. Bholi is shocked. Bholi faints.

Chumki asks Charu where are Durga and Anirban. Charu says who are you?? She says I am rich and I don’t talk to poor people. Charu says then why are you here? She says to meet Durga and Anirban. Charu says they’re not here. You can go. Chumki says you don’t know who I am. Charu says I don’t wanna know. I am happy being who I am. The man comes in and says Charu the papers are here. Chumki says, Charu? She says you’re charu? She says yes why? She says the same as Charu who came from jail. Charu says who are you? Chumki says I am Durga’s friend. Charu says yes I a the same Charu who went to jail. Chumki realizes she’s Charu. She leaves. The man tells Charu that Anirban has found a witness in the Shiv temple. Chumki hears. She says Durga take took Bholi to the same place.

Scene 3
Durga sees Bholi. She says Bholi has fainted. Makay takes Durga to a side. She’s shocked It’s Anirban wearing his mask. She says who you scored her. Anirban says I am a good actor. She says we’ve to show this to Charu. He says I will unite Durga and Charu.

Chumki tells Binoy and Sampurna that Durga has been working with Charu. Sampurna says she broke her promise. Chumki says come with me to Shiv temple and I will show you the truth. She’s called Bholi there too. I am so scared. Sampurna says nothing will happen. Let’s go there. Bholi opens their eyes. She says Makay.. did I see him? She goes in, but the baba isn’t there. Bholi is scared. She tries to go out. She sees a flashlight. She sees Makay. Sampurna and Binoy come there. Durga is shocked. Sampurna says you promised me and broke that promise. You kept helping her, you kept meeting her. Kept sending her money for her education in jail. Why? Charu hears it. She says you lost the case intentionally so she gets it right? I was proud of you but you have ashamed me. Durga says no. Sampurna is about to slap her. Charu stops her hand. Chumki says that’s Charu. Anirban (as Makay) says to tell everyone what you did to me and Durga and Charu. She says who will trust you? You’re not real Makay. She says I killed you and you rna last time. Durga and Charu found you but you lost your memory and couldn’t tell anyone anything. After that, I shoved Makay from the cliff. He died there. I killed him. He can’t come back. Everyone hears it. She says then I sent Charu to jail with a false accusation. Everyone is shocked. Anirban says you finally confessed to your crime. They’re all there. Bholi is shocked.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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