Durga Aur Charu 31st March 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Guruji eats the food. And he praises the taste of it. He also praises Durga. Chumki gets shocked hearing him. She wonders that how it happened. Dadi blesses Durga and she says that she is really lucky to get Durga as daughter in law. Charu tells herself that she will protect Durga always. Savitri asks Durga to serve family members. Chumki tells Latika that she mixed non-veg in the food. Latika tells her that someone is helping Durga. Charu recalls that how she made food again.

After some time, Dadi says that she is happy with Guruji’s blessings. Durga serves food. Dadi says that Anirban will eat first. Anirban tastes the food. He asks Rajshri to learn to make food from Durga. Abhirup also praises the taste of food. Dadi and Abhirup gives gift to Durga. Savitri asks Anirban to give gift to Durga. Anirban says that he did not bring anything. Abhirup says that now Anirban has to fulfill Durga’s wish. Anirban asks Durga that what she wants. Chumki and Charu moves towards the door to leave the house.

Durga recalls that how Charu told her about higher studies. She asks Anirban to allow Charu to stay in the house for the next 19 days. She says that Charu is going to London for her higher studies so she wants Charu to stay with her until Charu is in India. Anirban tells her that first time she asked for something so Charu can stay in the house for the next 19 days. Dadi hope that Durga don’t regret later for asking this wish. Durga hugs Charu ( Rishta tera mera song plays in the background ).

Latika takes Chumki to the kitchen. She says that Charu saved Durga’s first rasoi. Chumki tells her that they should reveal the truth to everyone. Latika tells her that their goal is not throwing Charu out of the house. She says that they have to make sure that family members insults Charu in front of Anirban. And Anirban and Charu’s love story will come in front of Durga when Anirban fights for Charu.

Durga and Charu thanks each other. Durga says that she should thank Anirban. And she don’t like it when family members scolds Charu. Charu reminds her that she know magic so she will win their heart too. They hears Dadi’s scream.

Dadi says that Charu committed a sin by entering the kitchen. And she ate the food which Charu made. Savitri reminds her that even Guruji ate that food. Dadi asks her to throw the food out of the house and goes inside. Durga asks that what happened. She says that she made food. Charu reveals that she saw non-veg in the food that’s why she made food. Savitri says that there is no non-veg food in the kitchen. Durga says that Charu never lies. Charu says that it’s not good to throw the food. Savitri insults Charu by talking about Charu’s background. Durga defends Charu. Savitri asks Durga to not talk like this in front of Dadi and goes inside. Durga follows her. Latika tells Charu that Anirban liked the latter’s handmade food and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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