Durga Aur Charu 29th March 2023 Written Update: Charu learns about Anirban’s pain

Episode begins with Durga sends Charu to treat Anirban’s injury. Charu enters Anirban’s room and finds him sleeping. Durga tells herself that everyone will accuse Charu if they saw her in Anirban’s room then. She decides to stay outside Anirban’s room and leaves from there. She waits outside Anirban’s room.

Charu sees Anirban’s injury and applies ointment on it. She covers him with blanket and she is about to leave from there. But Anirban holds her hand and tells her that he know she will come. Durga tells Charu that she is waiting outside the room. Charu gets shocked hearing Durga.

Dadi falls asleep. Chumki notices that and leaves the room. She finds Durga and asks her that what the latter is doing there. She threatens to tell about it to Dadi. She hears a noise from inside and tries to open the room door. Durga drags Chumki from there. She threatens to reveal, the letter matter to everyone. Chumki tells her that the latter will regret for not trusting her in letter matter. Durga tells her that she prefers to regrets than trusting Chumki again and leaves from there.

Anirban asks Charu that why she came to his house. He says that he feels pain seeing her because her face reminds him that he lost in love. And she is his pain, also his medicine. He asks her to leave from his life and his house. He says that he know the pain of one-sided love and he don’t want Durga to feel that pain. And he has to keep Durga happy, because he married her. He falls asleep. Charu cries hearing him. She tells him that she don’t want to give pain to him but she can’t do anything. She says that she know Anirban will keep Durga happy.

Durga tells herself that Charu would have treated Anirban’s injury. Charu goes to terrace. She recalls Anirban’s words. She tells herself that she should leave the house, because her presence may ruin Durga and Anirban’s relationship. But she need to stay there for Anirban’s safety. She gets shocked seeing Dadi there. Dadi asks Charu that what the latter was doing outside Anirban’s room. Charu tells her that Durga sent her to see Anirban’s condition. Dadi tells her that Anirban’s loved ones will take care of him. She notices Charu’s nupital chain. Charu leaves from there.

Durga asks Charu that how is Anirban. Charu assures her that Anirban is fine. Durga asks her that what Anirban said. Charu lies to her that Anirban was taking Durga’s name and he want to keep Durga happy. She wonders that why Anirban’s pain affecting her. Anirban wakes up. He wonders that why he is feeling like, Charu came. He says that one side his love Charu, and another side his responsibility Durga. He asks God that whom he should choose.

Episode ends.

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