Durga Aur Charu 28th March 2023 Written Update: Charu wears nupital chain for Anirban’s safety

Episode begins with Anirban recalls the moments he shared with Charu and he drinks. He also recalls Latika’s words. He asks Charu that why she came. He says that he is feeling pain seeing Charu and he can’t tolerate that pain anymore so she has to leave from his house. He breaks the glass and steps on it by mistake. Latika sees that. She thinks that she won’t let Anirban forget Charu and leaves from there.

Dadi tells Durga that until the sun rise the latter and Anirban can’t see each other’s face. She asks her to stay in the guest room. Durga asks her that if Charu can stay with her tonight. Dadi gives permission to her. Savitri informs them about Anirban’s leg injury. Durga is about to leave from there to see Anirban but Dadi stops the former. Dadi says that nothing will happen to Anirban until Durga wears her nupital chain. She asks Durga to not remove the nupital chain at any cost. She gives vermilion to Durga. She asks her to wear them always for Anirban’s safety.

Charu recalls Dadi’s words. She thinks that she has to wear nupital chain for Anirban’s safety. Durga tells her that she is lucky to get Anirban and this family. She says that her in laws giving respect to their daughter in law. Charu tells Durga that the latter deserves love and respect. She asks her to sleep. Durga goes to bathroom. Meanwhile, Intoxicated Anirban tells himself that he will find out that why Charu came.

Charu takes the nupital chain and she wears it. She applies vermilion on her forehead and turns around hearing Anirban’s voice. But Anirban is not there. Durga comes out and claims that she heard Anirban’s voice. Charu teases her.

Savitri drags Anirban from there. She scolds him. Anirban tells her that he tried a lot to forget Charu but he failed. He says that he want to know why Charu came. She tells him that he can’t go to that room today because Durga is there too. She takes him from there.

Charu apologizes to Durga in her mind. She thinks that she is doing all this for Durga. Chumki goes to Dadi’s room. Dadi asks her to read Ramayan. Chumki feels helpless. She thinks that she has to do this to become daughter in law of this house.

Durga tells Charu that she is worried about Anirban. Charu assures her that Anirban must be fine. Durga says that she can’t even meet Anirban now. Charu asks her to meet him tomorrow morning. Durga tells Charu to go and see Anirban. Charu refuses to go. She thinks that she can’t see Anirban today. But Durga convinces Charu. Charu tells her that she will go. She says that she won’t break Durga’s trust at any cost. Durga tells Charu to apply ointment on Anirban’s injury.

Episode ends.

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