Durga Aur Charu 21st March 2023 Written Update: Charu saves Anirban and Durga’s life

Episode begins with Durga leaves the house with Anirban. Anirban thinks that he has to talk to Durga. Durga wonders that why Anirban is not saying anything to comfort her. On the other hand, Sampurna tells Charu that she is not understanding how to thank her. Charu tells her that Durga is her sister and she can do anything for Durga.

Priest tells Dadi and Savitri that Anirban’s life time is short according to his horoscope but his wife is his safety guard so they need not to worry. He says that Anirban’s wife has to stay with Anirban like shadow. Dadi and Savitri decides to keep Anirban and Durga together.

Charu realises that she is wearing the nupital chain and she tells about it to Sampurna. They gets panicked. Charu tells Sampurna that she will make Durga wear the nupital chain before Durga’s graha pravesh and leaves from there.

Anirban’s driver sleeps while driving the car and they meets with an accident. Meanwhile, Charu’s driver stops the car due to tyre puncture. She runs from there to reach Banerjee’s house. She notices Anirban’s car. She finds Durga and Anirban unconscious. She drags Anirban from the car and the car explodes. She screams for help. She asks Durga to get up.

Later, Charu admits Anirban and Durga in the hospital. Doctor tells her that she brought them to the hospital on time. Charu makes Durga wear the nupital chain. Abhirup and Dadi comes there. Charu makes it look like Durga saved Anirban. Doctor tells them that Anirban and Durga are fine. Dadi misunderstands that Durga saved Anirban. She tells Abhirup that Anirban’s time is not good and only Anirban’s wife can protect Anirban.

Sampurna comes there. Dadi tells her everything about Anirban’s horoscope. Anirban regains his consciousness. Dadi tells him that he is lucky to get Durga as his wife. She says that Durga saved Anirban’s life. Durga also regains her consciousness. Charu hope that Durga keep getting her in laws blessings. Dadi tells Durga that nothing will happen to Anirban until the latter is with him. Abhirup goes to meet the doctor.

Charu leaves the room. Sampurna follows her. She notices Charu’s injury and asks her that why the latter did not treat her injury. Charu tells her that she is happy Durga will be happy in her in laws house. Sampurna tells her that everything is fine in Durga’s life due to Charu. She says that Charu is Anirban’s security guard. Charu tells her that Durga is Anirban’s wife. Sampurna tells her that that’s for world but in real Charu is Anirban’s wife. She asks her to stay in Banerjee’s house to save Anirban’s life. Dadi asks Durga to stay with Anirban like shadow. Durga promises to her.

Episode ends.

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