Durga Aur Charu 14th March 2023 Written Update: Chumki joins hands with Latika

Episode begins with Latika asks Chumki to not cry. She says that she also don’t want Anirban and Durga’s marriage to happen. She tells her to join hands with her to stop the marriage. Chumki joins hands with her. Latika hugs her. Meanwhile, Savitri performs Durga’s ashirwad rituals. She blesses Durga and gives gifts to her. Charu is about to leave from there but Durga makes her sit beside her.

Next day, Anirban’s haldi ceremony begins. Raj shri asks Anirban that why he looks confused when he decided to marry Durga. Anirban tells her that he is not understanding what is he doing. Savitri sends Raj shri to Choudhary house to give haldi.

Later, Raj shri reaches Choudhary house. Sampurna gets happy seeing Durga. Raj shri gives haldi to Sampurna. She tells Charu that she know Anirban confessed his feelings to her. She asks her to talk to Anirban. Charu tells her that she is ready to do anything for Durga’s happiness. She agrees to talk to Anirban.

Meanwhile, Anirban tells himself that he can’t betray Durga and he should run away like Latika said. Dadi tells servant to take care of decorations and sweets. Disguises Charu enters Anirban’s house. Latika tells him that it looks like she saw him already. Dadi calls Savitri and Latika. Latika tells Charu to keep the sweet boxes downstairs. But Charu goes upstairs. She sneaks into Anirban’s room and trips. Her fake beard and fake wig gets removed. She is about to fall but Anirban saves her. Haldi gets applied on Charu’s cheek from Anirban’s cheek. He asks her that what is she doing there. She tells him that she came to talk to him. She shows vermilion to him and asks him to marry her because that’s what he wanted. She says that Anirban has to kill Durga before marrying her.

Chumki searches Charu. She wonders that where Charu went. She calls Latika and tells her that Charu is not in the house and she is sure Charu is in the latter’s house. Latika realises that sweet guy was Charu. She praises Chumki.

Anirban asks Charu to stop talking nonsense. Charu tells him that Durga will die for sure after his betrayal. She asks him to kill Binoy and Sampurna. She says that Anirban just worry about his happiness and he don’t care about others. He tells her that he love her. She tells him that she don’t love him. Latika sends Dadi to Anirban’s house. She follows her.

Charu tells Anirban even God want this marriage to happen that’s why she don’t love him. She asks him to think about others happiness. And he can’t break everyone’s heart for his one sided love. Anirban promises on her that he will marry Durga. He asks her to promise that she won’t come in front of him. They hears Dadi’s voice.

Episode ends.

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