Durga Aur Charu 10th April 2023 Written Update: Durga tries to kill herself

The Episode starts with Durga praying to god for Charu. Anirban recalls how Charu told him to forget and accept Durga. Durga apologizes to Charu for bringing her to their room. She says she knows it is their first night but she wanted to take care of Charu. She asks him if something is troubling him. She reminds him that they are also friends so he can share anything with her. He apologizes to her. He tells her that their marriage never happened. She asks him to stop joking like this.

He tells her that Charu is his wife and he has completed the marriage rituals with Charu. And Charu wanted to hide this truth, but cannot lie anymore. She tells him that she trusts him and Charu and they cannot break her trust like this. She asks him why he lied to her and cheated her. She says she doesn’t want to live. He slit his wrist and it became Anirban’s dream. He gets up and shouts. Durga tells him that it must be a bad dream. He nods at her. She asks him to calm down. They fall asleep.

On the other hand, Latika tells Chumki that it seems Anirban wants to hide something from her. And he has to find out how the vermillion got on Charu’s forehead. Chumki asks him why he wants to separate Abhiroop and Anirban. Latika tells him that the latter does not need to know everything. Chumki tells him that she saw him in Abhirup’s room at night. Latika scolds him. She says that she wants to break Anirban and Abhirup’s relationship. And she wants her son Mihir to rule this house and business. Chumki gets shocked hearing him. Latika tells that Mihir is her and Abhiroop’s son. She says that she will rule this house and she deserves that happiness. Chumki tells him that she will not reveal this secret to anyone. Latika says that Anirban cannot get Abhirup’s love no matter what.

Meanwhile Charu wakes up. She thinks how did she come there. Sindoor is visible on her forehead and she wipes it. She covers Anirban with blanket and her dupatta gets stuck on Anirban’s watch so she removes it and leaves.

Latika tries to know why Charu came there. Chumki asks to find her as soon as possible. Latika tells her that Charu is indeed a sly but she will not rest until she exposes Charu. Chumki sees Charu coming towards her room and she informs Latika about it. They run away from there. Charu enters the room.

Latika shows Charu’s wedding photo to Chumki. They learn that Charu is married to Anirban. Latika says that tomorrow she will ruin everyone’s life.

Episode End

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