Do Nikki Tamboli and Palak Tiwari try hard to Flaunt Their bodies?

MUMBAI : Articleweb is back with yet another story from the Entertainment world. Actresses come into the industry to achieve their dreams and get good and credible work and often, flaunt their beauty on social media. Now, the question is, if it is deliberate or not!

For ages now, society has always governed what is appropriate for women to wear and the way they must behave. These norms usually have a way of transforming into new mediums and nowadays it is social media. Netizens are filled with opinions on women and how they must dress up.

Nikki Tamboli and Palak Tiwari are part of the show biz. Nikki has been part of many projects like Kanchana 3, Bigg Boss 14, Fear Factor and has ruled many music videos too. On the other hand, Palak Tiwari is soon to get her big break through Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.


Both the women have been part of the spotlight and often get trolled on their appearance. Nikki and Palak recently got trolled over their picture and video where the netizens criticized them for too much skin show.

Trolling is something that no public figure can escape and Nikki and Palak recently dealt with those over recent posts that claimed them to be revealing too much skin. Some netizens find the posts very hot while others trolled them for excess busty display. The question could be, do these actresses do it deliberately and try hard to flaunt their bust or do people read too much into it?


Women these days are more progressive and want to own their body and choices, amidst all this, netizens stand divided when a post turns up and while like the picture, some troll the actresses for extra skin show.

Both Nikki and Palak were trolled for their recent posts in beachwear where the beauties looked extremely hot but their comments section was divided and filled with praises as well as lewd comments.

Check out the posts here:


Nikki has been up with her fashion game and usually posts pictures that do accentuate her bust, and Palak is seen taking some selfies here and netizens are of the opinion that the outfits were too revealing. Both are beautiful women and there were many who praised the same but also some who criticized them for busty displays.

In other photos too, netizens have seen that their body was more accentuated around the bust and that the outfits left little to imagination in a way.

The question could be that are these actresses deliberately trying to flaunt their bust and body or are living their life the way they see fit?

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