Dheere Dheere Se 31st March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhanu tells that everyone knows after two weeks there is God Hanuman’s puja. He then takes Jagjeevan to his side and says that he wants his help in this. Amit tells Bhanu that Jagjeevan’s health isn’t that good. Bhanu shuts him up saying Jagjeevan isn’t going to do any heavy works. Aanchal and Jagjeevan gets worried. Bhawana asks Jagjeevan to agree with Bhanu. Jagjeevan then agrees to help Bhanu. Bhanu informs his plan to take Jagjeevan with him to Indore for two days which shocks both Aanchal and Jagjeevan. Jagjeevan expresses his worry which leads Bhanu to question him.

Jagjeevan lies. Aanchal worries if Jagjeevan left then their plan to increase Bhawana’s confidence laid behind. Bhawana goes to pack Jagjeevan’s bag. Bhanu and Malini smirks at each other. Bhawana receives the blackmailer’s message and realises that she has to complete the task given by him. She hears Abhishek wondering where his bike’s key is. Bhawana thinks there is one person who can help her then looks on.

Here, Raghav asks Gaurav why he looks stressed. Gaurav tells him, he is fine also refuses to accompany Raghav to office saying he have an online meeting. Raghav asks Gaurav is the latter is upset with him? Swati worries that Gaurav may once again reunite with Raghav so she interrupts and tells due to change in weather Gaurav is like this. Raghav expresses his love for his family and says they are his priority. Savita taunts him so Raghav leaves without having breakfast. Swati asks Savita about her behavior towards Raghav. Savita says nothing it’s about Raghav’s second marriage. Swati decides to inform Gaurav about Raghav’s phone conversation with someone.

Bhawana requests Abhishek to get her help a scooter. Abhishek agrees. He then takes Dimple’s scooter from her. Bhawana goes towards the scooter. Vidya tries to follow her but Malini arrives and questions Vidya which leads Bhawana to alert. Bhawana informs Malini that she is going to the hospital to remove bandage. Vidya tells she will accompany her which Malini refuses and sends them both separate ways to do their work. Vidya gets upset. Bhawana faces difficulty to handle the bike. She then gets shocked seeing Bhanu is coming outside the house so she covers her face and struggles to leave with the scooter. Bhanu taunts about women who tries to do all these works instead of focusing on family to Jagjeevan. The latter realises the women is none other than Bhawana so he distracts Bhanu then leaves the place.

Swati informs about Raghav’s behaviour to Gaurav. Gaurav gets shocked then tells Raghav must be working on some high profile case then asks Swati to pray for him to get such cases then leaves. Swati feels it’s not related to any case and decides to find out the truth. Bhawana meets Bansi on her way who comes infront of him driving an auto. Bansi tries to leave but Bhawana stops him on time and demands him to tell who he is and his connection with the blackmailer. Raghav gets shocked seeing Bhawana with Bansi. He acts that he was injured. Bhawana rushes to him. Raghav signs at Bansi and the latter drives off. Raghav compliments Bhawana’s look then asks her plan with the scooter. Bhawana tells she is trying to learn on her own but if she needs his help she will ask him then leaves. Raghav hope’s that their plan for Bhawana to work.

Precap: Raghav teaches Bhawana to drive a bike. Bhawana learns then takes Raghav with her and drives from there. Vidya records a video of Bhawana and says herself this time Bhawana can’t prove her wrong and smirks.

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