Dheere Dheere Se 21st March 2023 Written Update: Brij Mohan appreciates Raghav

The episode starts with Bhawana recalls the man’s words and walks here and there in the balcony. Raghav arrives there and signs at her. They both speaks to one another through sign. He then calls Bhawana and inquires the reason behind her looking stressed. Bhawana says to herself that she can’t tell him about her family secret. She then says to Raghav that she has to do something which she has never done it before. Raghav asks her what will happen if she don’t do this work. Bhawana tells her entire family will land in trouble. Raghav says then she has to do what she is supposed to because he knows how much her family is important for her. He also says that God is with her in her every steps.

Bhawana thanks Raghav for giving her strength to do what she has to. Raghav wishes her luck. Bhawana goes inside. Raghav turns around and gets shocked seeing Brij Mohan and Savita there. Brij Mohan asks Raghav who he is talking with. Raghav lies he is talking to one of his friend who needs encouragement. Brij Mohan nods then appreciates Raghav for clearing the misunderstanding between him and Gaurav then leaves. Savita pleads Raghav to agree for second marriage. Raghav refuses and requests her to not to talk to him about this again then leaves. Savita looks at the photos and gets determined to convince Raghav for marriage before everything gets out of hand.

The next day Bhawana goes to do household chores. She drops the milk reading the news and worries how she is going to execute her plan to save her family. Later Jagjeevan, Bhanu, Amit, Malini and Vidya calls Bhawana asking her to do works. Aanchal informs them that Bhawana isn’t in the house. Everyone gets shocked. Bhawana returns home. Malini taunts Bhawana and asks her to start the works. Bhawana tells she can’t able to do work. Malini insults her and asks the reason. Bhawana shows her hand to the Shastri’s saying she slipped and get hurt.

The doctor advised her not to do any work for a while or else she may face severe problems because of which they have to spend more money. Malini ignores her words and asks Bhawana to do work saying she will be fine. Aanchal pleads Malini to give rest to Bhawana. Malini scolds Aanchal then urges Bhawana to do works. Bhawana gets upset and walks towards the kitchen.

Bhanu stops Bhawana and asks Malini and Vidya to do the household chores saying Bhawana is hurt and they aren’t in a position to spend more money. He then asks Bhawana how long she has to take rest. Bhawana says a week. Bhanu orders Malini and Vidya to do work for a week. Bhawana gets relieved while Malini and Vidya gets furious.

In Srivastav’s house, Raghav prays God to protect Bhawana also be there for her always. In Shastri’s house Malini and Vidya struggles to do the household chores and messes up. Bhawana feels bad seeing their struggles. She then receives the message from the blackmailer appreciating her for following his words. He also states her next test is soon. Bhawana looks on worried. Later, Jagjeevan asks Bhawana to have faith in him as he didn’t done anything. Whatever happened is when he was young and due to the situation.

Malini interrupts asking Bhawana to come inside. Bhawana goes inside. Jagjeevan receives a call from the blackmailer asking him to meet him outside the street. Jagjeevan leaves the house hurriedly. Aanchal sees Jagjeevan and follows him. Jagjeevan sees a vehicle and gets inside. Aanchal also goes there. Someone inside the vehicle pulls Aanchal inside and shuts the door.

Precap: Vidya sees Bhawana is using her injured hand and accuses her for fooling them then forcibly takes her to living room. Bhanu and Malini asks Vidya to leave Bhawana’s hand as she is injured. Vidya tells them that Bhawana lied to them. Bhanu looks on shocked.

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