Dheere Dheere Se 10th April 2023 Written Update: Aanchal helps the Bhawana

The Episode starts with Bhawna questioning the blackmailer about his identity. Raghav says he knows all the secrets of Shastri. Bhavana tells that she knows who he is. Raghav gets shocked and thinks whether Jagjivan or Aanchal both told the truth. He then questions Bhavana. Bhavna tells him about the tasks given by her and says that it must be Bansi who wants to create a rift between her and her family. Raghav is relieved. He then taunts Bhavna by reminding her about her family’s behavior towards her. Bhavna remembers everything that happened. She then tells him to keep quiet saying that she will protect her family and refuses to follow her order and then disconnects the call. Raghav feels infuriated but refuses to back down from his plan to boost Bhawna’s confidence. Meanwhile, Abhishek gets happy seeing Dimple. They both decide to have a golgappa competition. Bhavana questions Jagjivan about the secret. Jagjivan coughs loudly and pretends that his health is deteriorating. He pleads her to do whatever the blackmailer is asking her to do. Abhishek and Dimple eat golgappas. He decides to intentionally lose the competition as he doesn’t want to see Dimple fall ill so he says he is quitting. Dimple gets happy.

Bhavna gets a call from the blackmailer. Raghav posing as the blackmailer questions Bhavana about Abhishek’s injury. Bhavana is shocked and expresses her hatred for the blackmailer that he hurt Abhishek when he completed all the tasks given by him. Raghav reminds her about the coffee task which she failed to complete. He then warns about the consequences if she refuses to do this task and also tells her that she has only two hours to complete the task. Bhavna gets worried thinking that she has never put on so much makeup but decides to put it on. Aanchal reaches there. Bhavna gets nervous. Aanchal acts and tells that she is well aware that Bhavna is meeting new customers, so she must have decided to present herself to them. Bhavna nods. Aanchal agrees to help Bhavna in applying her make-up. She tells Bhavna about her classmate who tries different makeup and says that she also learned makeup ideas through internet. Bhavna agrees to take Aanchal’s help. Aanchal adorns Bhavna.

Here, Jagjivan is worried that Bhavna might know about their plans as she is constantly questioning Bansi as well. Raghav assures him that Bansi will no longer appear in front of Bhavana as tells Jagjivan to continue with his work. He also gives Jagjivan Kachori to eat. Jagjivan becomes happy. He then questions Raghav about the task he had given to Bhavana. Raghav tells her how every woman in the family tries hard to maintain good relations with everyone but in the process they forget to take care of themselves. Women have to take care of themselves which will make them happy and their confidence will also increase and love and care for themselves will also increase self-love. Meanwhile, Aanchal later compliments Bhavna after applying her make-up. She then requests to take some pictures. Bhavna thinks how to inform the blackmailer that she fulfilled his demand. Aanchal guides Bhavna to pose for the photo then takes her photo and video which she sends to Raghav. Raghav gets mesmerized seeing Bhawna’s form. Aarav sees it and jokes about it. Raghav sends him inside but worries about the consequences if Aarav reveals this to anyone in the family. Bhanu talks to someone on call about how they have to fool the temple trustee and get more money for the work they are going to do. Also, whatever extra money they get should be divided among themselves. Bhavana gets shocked hearing Bhanu’s conversation. Bhanu turns around and is shocked to see Bhavna.

Precap: Bhanu calls the family members to the living area. Everyone gets shocked seeing Bhavna. Bhanu taunts Bhavna. He then becomes determined to ruin Bhawna’s face. Bhavna stands there and folds her hands with her eyes closed while Bhanu takes a box.

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