Dharampatnii 10th April 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan DharIn today’s episode, Jugni dances in the rain and says that today Ravi and Pratiksha will become one. She says that everything will become fine today. She says that from today Ravi and Pratiksha’s lovestory will kickstart and Pratiksha will become Ravi’s dharam patni. Raghu searches for Parineet. He calls Bebe and informs her that she has not come yet. He asks her to pay extra charge as it’s already late night. They criticize each other. He threatens to expose Bebe if she doesn’t pay him money. She agrees and shares the information with Neeti. Ravi tells Gurpreet that he hates Pratiksha.

Gurpreet calls Ravi and Pratiksha destined. He says that Ravi is doing wrong as he doesn’t look happy about his marriage with Kavya. Ravi says that he is keeping his promise to Keerti. Gurpreet says that Ravi is already married to Pratiksha. Ravi says that his happiness ended with Keerti’s death. Gurpreet asks Ravi if Keerti will be happy about what Ravi is doing with Pratiksha. He says that Ravi and Kavya’s marriage is facing issues so may be they are not destined. Ravi leaves. Harneet comes there and criticizes Gurpreet. Beeji comes there and criticizes her for misbehaving with her husband.

She asks her to apologise to him. Harneet refuses. Gurpreet leaves. Harneet complains about him to Beeji. Beeji takes a stand for Gurpreet. Harneet says it’s waste of time to talk to Beeji and leaves. Amardeep tells his pal that he would want to invite Mehra. Without his presence, how would he announce the surprise? He is on the phone with Mehra. Mehra’s wife specifically requested that he not attend the wedding. He requests that he send Sanju. Mehra calls Neeti and notifies her of the situation. She promises to accompany him to the wedding.

Sukhwinder toungelashes Parineet. Beeji calls Neeti brainless. Sukhwinder says that Parineeti did wrong with Neeti, she should be punished. They talk about Parineet’s accident. Parminder comes there and questions them about the accident. Bebe smartly changes the topic. Parminder feels that Bebe is trying to hide something from her.

The cops ordered the goons to open the mat. He departs to take the phone call. Kavya and Manvi notice the goons and enquire as to their purpose for being here. He informs her that Pratiksha is inside. Kavya screams at them, demanding that they take her out of the house. Manvi promises her that no one will prevent her and Ravi from marrying. Kavya complains about Ashok to Manvi. She criticizes Ashok’s men for not being able to abduct Pratiksha. Manvi asks her to keep her voice low. Kavya says that Pratiksha may create problems in her and Ravi’s marriage.

She says that she won’t spare Ravi if he abandon her this time. She asks Manvi to do something. Manvi asks her to relax as she and Gulshan will handle everything. Harneet comes there. Manvi says that she and Kavya was discussing about Ravi and Kavya’s honeymoon destination. Harneet says that honeymoon will occur if the marriage takes place. Manvi and Kavya get shocked.

The episode ends.

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