Dear Ishq 17th March 2023 Written Update: Abhimanyu enjoys Asmita’s struggle

The episode starts with Asmita reads Abhimanyu’s message ‘kiss’. Maya asks what kind of activity is that related to kiss. Asmita troubles to answer. She then says kiss is simple form of Keep It Simple. Shalini asks what about the other S in Kiss. Asmita says it’s stupid. Everyone gets confused. Abhimanyu controls his laughter.

Asmita explains that they will use the negative image they faced in the past few days, which they will clear it our honesty and there won’t be any other stupidity to be involved. Peter praises Asmita and says that he likes this idea of her’s. Abhimanyu sends a message to Asmita about liking her lipstick so in between the meeting Asmita stops wiping her lipstick which leads Maya to question her behaviour. Asmita lies her lips are sticking together hence she wiping it. Abhimanyu says that he has a solution for her lips which is dry and goes near Asmita. Asmita gets nervous. Abhimanyu gives her a bottle of water. Asmita glares at him. Abhimanyu hides his smile.

Abhimanyu says that he has to discuss with Asmita about his chapter so asks her to follow him to jamming room then leaves. Asmita follows him. She scolds him for troubling her that way and threatens to file a harassment case against him. Abhimanyu says then he has to file a harassment case on her too for kissing him the other day without his consent. Asmita gets shocked and frustrated. She then says to Abhimanyu that she broke up with Shauvik and the relationship she had with him is six years. She can’t act like nothing happened and move on. She need to process everything.

She want clarity so pleads Abhimanyu to give her space then leaves. Abhimanyu laughs but controls it when Asmita enters the room again. Asmita scolds him for laughing at her like a teenager. Abhimanyu says it’s her who acting like a teenager. He also adds that every relationship comes to an end some point for sure. Asmita asks is that mean their relationship also comes to an end? Abhimanyu asks her is she saying they have a relationship? Asmita becomes speechless. She then receives a message so asks Abhimanyu to go with her as they have an important work. Abhimanyu follows her.

Peter enters Maya to ask what kind of news is this by reading something on his phone. He finds Maya having lunch so questions her for neither packing his lunch nor helping him choose his outfit for the day. Maya reminds him he wants the divorce so she won’t do any of these works as she isn’t his servant nor care taker. Peter leaves angrily. Here Abhimanyu and Asmita comes to a club. A worker comes out and says to Asmita that the one who she wants to meet is in club and that person will come out in few minutes for a break. Asmita pays him money assuring not to tell anyone about him. Abhimanyu asks her what’s happening. Asmita tells that they are here to meet Arya’s flatmates Meera as she want Arya to get a closure. They both then sees Meera is coming out of the club to smoke.

Rizwan receives a threatening note which leads him to breakdown. Anirbhan consoles him. Asmita and Abhimanyu goes infront of Meera and introduces themselves. Meera shouts at Asmita for behaving like a stalker. She then tells she don’t want to involve in any of this. Asmita pleads Meera to help as she don’t want Arya to face all these. Meera agrees to help her but warns if Police comes to her then she will run away. Asmita promises not to tell anyone about her.

Meera shares Arya’s weird behavior also the latter receiving expensive gifts and told it’s from her boyfriend. She further says that Arya talked to her boyfriend through another phone which shocks and confuses both Asmita and Abhimanyu. Asmita requests Meera to find the phone. Meera agrees to try to help her then leaves. Meanwhile someone creates a letter and the face gets revealed as Anirbhan. Anirbhan smirks. Abhimanyu insists to go with Asmita to meet Meera the next time too saying his name is involved in it. Asmita agrees. The next day Asmita and Abhimanyu reaches a deserted place to meet Meera. Abhimanyu tells Asmita that he won’t wait for her long time. Asmita looks on.

The episode ends.

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