Dear Ishq 16th March 2023 Written Update: Shauvik gets heartbroken by Asmita’s revelation

The episode starts with Asmita gets nervous. Shauvik meets Asmita and asks what happened. Asmita apologises to Shauvik. Shauvik says to Asmita he was just kidding and asks her to not to cry then goes to bring her water. Asmita says to Shauvik that she cheated on him. Shauvik stops in his tracks and looks at Asmita. Asmita explains him what happened also she kissed Abhimanyu. Here, Peter becomes anxious looking at the pendrive. He then hides it in a box. Maya arrives and asks what is he hiding also mentions him about the confidential cover she saw in his table. Peter acts like he is clueless so Maya tells him that she noticed him hiding something in his pocket. Meanwhile Asmita says to Shauvik, whatever happened with Abhimanyu today but she left his house immediately before she does the mistake and cries hard. She further says to him that she planned her entire life with Shauvik but don’t know why she ends up cheating on him. Shauvik remains silent.

Peter accuses Maya for suspecting him unnecessarily. Also says this is one the reason now he wants divorce from her which shocks and hurts Maya. Maya warns then leaves Peter. Here, Asmita apologises to Shauvik for cheating on him and pleads him to talk to her. Shauvik asks Asmita how could she cheat him. They both are together for the last six years. He didn’t gave her a single opportunity to complain about his actions. He further adds that he even fought with his mother to support her. Asmita says that she knows how much he values this relationship. She also adds that she didn’t done anything like this in the six years. She herself is now confused and shocked by her behavior. She also says in the last six years she planned so much to spend her entire life with him but…Shauvik completes it saying Abhimanyu entered it. Asmita cries and says that she don’t know what’s happening with her. She was happy with Shauvik but whatever she is feeling with Abhimanyu which she never felt with anyone. Shauvik tells her that she has to choose him or Abhimanyu that’s the only chance left.

Later, Shauvik asks Asmita why did she told him the truth. He should have been happy without learning the truth though. Asmita says to Shauvik after telling the truth she is guilt free now. She was ashamed to even look at him before this. Shauvik says to Asmita she has to choose what she is going to do next. Asmita tells she is clueless about what she wants. She then suggests for break up saying she wants to understand herself also what she wants. Shauvik gets shocked. He then takes Asmita’s hand in his and says that till date he fulfilled her every wish so this time also he will fulfill her this wish then leaves. Abhimanyu writes in his story about how both a truth and lie can destroy a relationship. Peter sees Maya is sleeping.

Asmita cries hard. The next day during breakfast Asmita informs both Shailaja and her grandmother that she break up with Shauvik which shocks them both. Asmita’s grandmother advices her that no one is perfect and it’s not necessary they can live their life according to the plans they made. Unpredictable things do happens so asks Asmita to take her time to process everything. Shailaja suggests Asmita to take two days time then rectify her mistake. Asmita remains silent. Abhimanyu enters the office in a happy mood which confuses the employees. Peter asks him why did he came to office that night. Abhimanyu shuts him up saying that he gave his statement to the police. Asmita arrives and greets everyone but ignores Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu suggests to start the meeting which Maya and Peter obliges. Asmita tells that she discussed with the media team how to use their negative publicity on their favour. Abhimanyu sends her a message of calling her sexy and sending her kiss emoticon. Asmita blurts out the words of sexy and kiss which shocks Maya Peter and Shalini. Abhimanyu also pretends and asks what happened. Asmita looks on nervously.

The episode ends.

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