Dear Ishq 15th March 2023 Written Update: Abhimanyu reveals his last conversation with Arya to Asmita

The episode starts with Raman Neeta and Nannu waits outside Abhimanyu’s house. The cops leaves the house. Neeta asks him is he okay. Abhimanyu says it’s just formalities. Raman suggests Abhimanyu about a lawyer but the latter says that he wants to sleep now. Neeta and Raman leaves the place. In the office, Maya thanks Asmita for handling the situation well. Asmita says it’s nothing but her responsibility. Both Maya and Peter thanks her. Maya further apologises to her for choosing Abhimanyu over her. Asmita says she understands. She also defends Abhimanyu saying the latter would never do crimes. She then receives a message from Abhimanyu so excuses herself then leaves the place. Abhimanyu sends a message of wanting to talk to her but then recalls Asmita’s words so deletes it saying he don’t want to talk to her or anyone. Asmita on her way to Abhimanyu’s house calls him multiple times. But when he doesn’t answers the calls Asmita gets frustrated. She understands that Abhimanyu must be angry with her for questioning him and decides to not to meet Abhimanyu but then worries about him and says herself that she made a promise to Maya hence she is doing all this.

Peter receives a confidential courier. He gets shocked seeing himself in the video which is in the pendrive. He closes it but before he could do something Maya arrives there to talk to him. Peter gets tensed. He blabbers then leaves saying he has an important work. Maya gets confused. She then finds the courier cover and looks on. Asmita reaches Abhimanyu’s house and learns from Nannu that the latter is sleeping. Nannu expresses his worry for Abhimanyu to Asmita and says that Abhimanyu might be a short temper but he works never kill someone. Asmita assures Nannu about Abhimanyu. She then goes to checks up on Abhimanyu. She finds him sleeping on the bed not even removing his sneakers. Asmita removes it then sits beside him on the bed and caresses his hair with a smile of her own. Here Shauvik plays guitar and asks Asmita’s grandmother’s opinion about his singing skills saying his decision to propose Asmita again to discuss about their marriage date. Asmita’s grandmother says she isn’t good at playing guitar also inquires whether everything is fine or not. Shauvik looks on.

Abhimanyu wakes up and gets shocked seeing Asmita beside him. He asks her what is she doing here. Asmita struggles to answer to him so she decides to leave but Abhimanyu stops her. He takes her face in his hand to kiss but Asmita recalls Shauvik’s proposal so pushes Abhimanyu away and says she made a mistake of visiting then decides to leave but Abhimanyu calls her out which makes stop her in her track and looks at him. Abhimanyu says to Asmita that Arya is the one who called him to office the other night and confessed her deeds but it’s not her who is the reason behind his story gets published which is done by Rumour Ramola. He further adds that Arya requested him one day time for her to process everything then make a confession infront of everyone which he gave her despite he is upset and angry with Arya.

Asmita says but Arya committed suicide. She then asks Abhimanyu why he didn’t told this before to anyone. Abhimanyu says that he isn’t guilty so he don’t think he has to give explanation. He also says that he feels like confessing this all to Asmita only. He goes near her. Asmita’s eyes wells up with tears. She asks Abhimanyu what relationship they have. Abhimanyu takes her hand in her’s and says sometimes they don’t need a name for a relationship. Asmita withdraw her hand and says whatever they have is wrong which shouldn’t happen again then leaves with teary eyes. Abhimanyu also gets sad. Asmita calls Shauvik and pleads him to meet her. Shauvik agrees.

The episode ends.

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