Dear Ishq 14th March 2023 Written Update: Paper Ink employees refuses to work under Abhimanyu

The episode starts with Abhimanyu looks at the news gets shocked. Asmita also watches this where the reporter talks about Abhimanyu’s connection with Arya’s death. Asmita switches off the television then questions Abhimanyu is he is truly behind all this. Meanwhile in Paper Ink Shalini and other employees enters Maya and Peter’s cabin. Shalini says to them both they all are not feeling safe around Abhimanyu so they should stop publishing Abhimanyu’s book. Peter shouts at them saying do they think that they can decide what the management should do or not? How could they decide Abhimanyu is a culprit and believe Rumour Ramola’s tweets. Maya tries to calm him down. She then requests the employees to wait until the investigation is over because Abhimanyu isn’t proven guilty yet. Asmita questions Abhimanyu is he the one who behind all this? Abhimanyu gets furious. He then shouts at her for thinking like this about him then throws her out of the house. Shauvik expresses his worry about Asmita’s safety but Asmita takes a stand for Abhimanyu which irks Shauvik. Here in Paper Ink Shalini tells either Maya and Peter should agree to ban Abhimanyu’s book or else they all are quitting. Maya and Peter looks on shocked.

Rizwan gets happy seeing the news. He says that he gets succeed ruining Abhimanyu’s career. Anirbhan questions Rizwan’s sudden change in behavior. He also asks whether Rizwan is hiding something from him. Rizwan says no. Here Neeta and Raman visits Abhimanyu. Neeta tells that she knows Abhimanyu will never do such things and hugs him. Raman puts his hand on Abhimanyu’s cheek. Abhimanyu gets emotional. The cops arrives there.

Inspector tells they are here to investigate. Neeta refuses to leave Abhimanyu but both Abhimanyu and Raman convinces then Raman takes her from there. During investigation the Inspector questions Abhimanyu whether he went to Paper Ink that night? Abhimanyu says yes. Inspector asks him then why he didn’t tell him before the investigation of the case started. Abhimanyu talks about media trails which can taint Arya’s image so he decides to hide it. He then serves coffee and taunts saying the Investigation may take longer than he thought so coffee is much needed one. Inspector tells him that he won’t leave until he learns the truth.

Asmita gets upset watching the media trials against Abhimanyu also their assumptions are tainting Arya’s image which must be painful for her parent’s. Shauvik says the media is saying the truth only. Asmita tells him an incomplete truth isn’t a truth and decides to leave. Shauvik gets shocked Asmita’s bruise in her hand. He gets worried and goes to take ointment. Asmita recalls Abhimanyu’s harsh behavior of throwing her out of his house. She also decides to maintain professionalism between her and Abhimanyu hereafter also gets determined to tell the truth to Shauvik.

Shauvik receives a call so he tells Asmita that they can talk in the evening then leaves. Asmita gets upset. The Inspector narrates his assumption of the reason behind Abhimanyu’s reason behind killing Arya. Abhimanyu mocks at him saying he can be good story teller or writer. Inspector gets irked. He then questions how did Rumour Ramola get the CCTV footage of his office. Is Abhimanyu is doing all this for publicity. Abhimanyu says to the Inspector it’s his duty to find out all this not his. He further adds that there is no proof against him to prove him he killed Arya.

The next day Asmita reaches the office building and finds the employees are chanting against Abhimanyu. Shalini tells Asmita their decision to either quit or make Maya ban Abhimanyu’s book and urges her to sign it as she the only one left in it. Asmita questions the security team and IT team. She then tells everyone that Abhimanyu isn’t proven guilty yet. She further adds that difficult times like this Paper Ink and Maya Peter needs their support. Dev and all the other employees strikes their signature on the petition. Maya and Peter looks on happy and relieved.

The episode ends.

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