Chashni 7th April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raunaq and Chandni talking to the inspector and leaving to find Nirbhay and Roshni. Roshni says we will go to hospital. Nirbhay says no, we will first cross the border, your sister will get me arrested. She says I made a mistake to tell Chandni. He asks for water. She says I will get it when the truck stops. Raunaq and Chandni look for Nirbhay and Roshni. The truck stops. Roshni says I will get water. She leaves. She buys water and gets back to the truck. Chandni sees her and gets shocked. She runs after the truck. Roshni feeds the water to Nirbhay. Chandni asks Roshni to please stop.

She says Nirbhay didn’t do anything, stop, come back home. Roshni sees the police following and scolds her. She throws her anklet away. Chandni gets the anklet and cries. She faints. Raunaq runs and lifts Chandni. He gets Chandni home. Nani and Dadi ask him to get Roshni back, Chandni can’t stay without her. Raunaq hugs Dadi. He smiles and thinks sorry, Roshni will never come back, Chandni will yearn for her. Roshni sees the police. She asks Nirbhay to come with her. He says you don’t ruin your life, just leave me and go. She refuses. He says don’t get adamant, just go. He dies. Roshni is shocked and asks him to get up.

Jaane kaise…plays… She recalls their moments and hugs him. She cries. Chandni shouts Roshni and gets up. She says Roshni is in trouble, she needs me. Raunaq says she isn’t here. Chandni cries. Police checks the truck. They don’t see Nirbhay. Roshni gets down the truck and cries. Constable asks who are you, what are you doing here. She runs and hides from the police. She comes in front of Sumer’s car. She faints. Sumer scolds the driver. Driver says sorry, a girl came in front of the car and fainted.

Precap:Chandni asks Urmi about Roshni. Urmi says she took some money and left. Roshni sees the police and worries.

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