Chashni 1st April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raunaq flirting with Chandni. She gives him a cold drink and asks him to come inside. He asks for beer. She says you won’t get it. She smiles. Roshni collides with Nirbhay. He says I will clean it. The ring box falls from his pocket. Roshni smiles seeing the ring. She says you still have it. He says once my problems get solved, I will make you wear the ring in front of everyone. She says I will keep this ring till then. He says you are my everything. She says even you are my everything. He gets a call. He worries. Dadi announces the dance. Roshni asks Nirbhay to come and dance. He says I will just come. Everyone dances in the party. Roshni asks is everything fine. He says I have some work. He thinks this deal also got cancelled, I have no way left now. Roshni thinks. Raunaq, Chandni and Manav dance. Raunaq gets a call. He says Nirbhay isn’t here. Manav’s wife says Nirbhay will burn his club today. He says perfect. Nirbhay goes to buy petrol in the container. Raj looks on. He says where is Nirbhay going, what is he going to do. Nirbhay cries and burns his pub. Roshni prays. Nirbhay leaves from his pub.

Sanjay sees the cake and smiles. Nani says Raunaq got the cake. Tarun comes and says I had to come in this party, cut the cake. Sanjay talks of his daughters. He cuts the cake. Chandni thanks Raunaq and feeds him the cake. Nirbhay comes. Raunaq smiles seeing her. Dadi says I have seen Chandni going towards the kitchen. Manav says I will tell my feelings to Chandni. Roshni asks Nirbhay is he okay. He says yes, its nothing, come. Manav goes to the kitchen and sees his wife. He gets shocked. He asks Natasha how did you come here. She says we have a court hearing date tomorrow, I came to remind you. Chandni comes. Natasha leaves. Raunaq smiles. Manav apologizes to Chandni. She says its fine, is everything okay. He says yes. She gets a call from office. The man informs about the fire breaking out at the club. He asks her to come fast. Chandni asks what. Raunaq asks what happened. She says Nirbhay, your club caught fire. Manav and Chandni rush to work. Nirbhay and Roshni cry. Raunaq looks on.

Manav asks is anyone inside. Tarun says no, club was closed today. Raunaq thinks Chandni can’t put off this fire today, this fire will burn your relations.

Precap:Tarun catches Nirbhay and blackmails him. Nirbhay murmurs in sleep.

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