Chashni 19th March 2023 Written Update: Raunaq praises Chandini

The episode starts with Sanjay waking up shouting and wanting to meet his children and his wife. The Chopra’s arrive there. Chandini lies to them. As Sanjay doesn’t recognize his daughters, Chandini lies to him that his family has to gone to the temple. Chandini cries getting emotional. Chandini bursts out in tears hugging Roshni. Sanjay asks Chandini what happened.

Chandini says that they don’t have parents and he reminded him her father. She asks if she call him dad. Sanjay agrees. Chandini hugs Sanjay feeling emotional. Roshini hugs him after hesitation. However, she breaks the hug and runs away. Chandini asks Sanjay what he likes to eat. Sanjay tells the favorite dishes of his daughters Chandini and Roshini. Chandini happily agrees to prepare them.

Meanwhile, Roshini meets Nirbhay. Roshini expresses her fear of upcoming incidents. Nirbhay reassures Roshini. He looks at his with his dad on his phone and talks about how he used to have fun with his dad when he was here together. Roshini asks if he was living here before. Nirbhay says yes. He adds that he used work in a fire station before moving to Delhi for his business. Nirbhay then praises Roshini and Chandini’s bonding. He receives a call and goes apart to talk. He talks on the call about arranging money. He hides it from Roshini when she asks if everything is fine.

Manav says to Chandini that the mob won’t create any problem hereafter after police complaint. Chandini asks if Raj got arrested to which Manav replies negatively which shocks Chandini. Manav adds that Raj escaped due to his political connection. Raunaq asks where Roshini is. Chandini says that she went to her friends house to collect some notes. Manav asks Chandini to say to Roshini to be careful. He takes leave as Diya is alone at home. Chandini thanks Raunaq for saving her.

Raunaq praises Chandini’s bravery. He says that he has become her fan. He jokes and says something in Telugu which Chandini doesn’t understand and asks him the meaning. He says that he will tell her later and is about to leave. He says to Chandini to love the neighbor before walking away. Saathiya song plays in the BG. Chandini smiles recalling how Raunaq saved her from the goons.

Roshini returns home. Chandini expresses her joy that they finally got their father. She thanks Roshini. She says that Roshini gives her the strength. She says that her and Roshini’s relationship is pure and special and there’s no any lie and secret between them. Roshini feels guilty to hide about Nirbhay from Chandini. But she’s sure that Chandini will forgive her when she tells her about him. Roshini says a joke and Chandini and Roshini play with turmeric.

Bindu apologizes to Chandini for keeping Sanjay away from her and Roshini for Sanjay’s safety. Chandini says that she’s angry with Bindu, but she understands her decision. Roshini applies turmeric on Bindu and Vandana’s cheeks. They all laugh.

Chandini goes to the market to buy shoes. Raunaq arrives there. He bargains with the shoe seller and get Chandini shoes at a low cost. Roshini is on the way to her coaching center. Nirbhay calls her and convinces her to meet him immediately. After hanging the call, he looks at the ring he holding to proposa Roshini. Chandini is surprised that Raunaq has knowledge about shoes and clothes despite being a man. Raunaq says that he learned from his mom. He takes leave. Chandini sees Roshini going in an auto in the opposite direction to her coaching center and wonders where she’s going.

The episode ends.

Precap: Sanjay attacks Nirbhay’s father. Nirbhay shouts dad. Chandini accuses Nirbhay spying on them for his dad. Roshini defends Nirbhay and declares her love for Nirbhay in front of Chandini which shocks the latter.

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