Chashni 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj attacks Sanjay’s family

The Episode starts with Raunaq coming to Chandni. She sleeps. He sits beside to support her. nurse comes. He gets away. Chandni wakes up and asks what are you doing. He says I was looking for my wallet, I got this coffee for you. She thanks him for the big favor. Manav comes and gives the flowers. He asks about Sanjay. She says he is better. He says Dadi told me everything. Dadi says doctor said Sanjay can get discharged, disha care home will look after him. He goes to do the formalities. Chandni says dad will come home with us. Dadi asks her to listen to Roshni. Roshni comes and says I won’t stop you, but he isn’t my dad, he is just your dad, I m saying yes just for your sake, I can’t see you upset. Chandni thanks and hugs her. Manav comes and says you can’t go outside. Chandni asks what happened. They all rush and see the people attacking the hospital. The people protest against Sanjay and call him a murderer. Raj sees the family members and gets angry.

Raj asks them to get Sanjay out. Dadi asks how did they get to know this. Manav says we have to think how will we go out. Doctor asks them to go fast, the people will not leave anyone, they are out of control. Chandni asks Roshni to take Dadi and Nani home. She says I will stay with dad, please go. Roshni says I won’t leave you here. Chandni says drop them and come back to pick me. Manav asks them to come. Raunaq takes them towards the exit. Raj and the people come inside the hospital. The hospital staff man says the goons are coming this way, you can’t go from there, go from the other exit. Dadi worries for Chandni and Sanjay. Chandni says sorry, I can’t wait for Roshni. She takes Sanjay on the wheelchair and runs. Raj sees Chandni and Sanjay. He gets angry. He says that’s your culprit. He throws a bottle at Sanjay. Nirbhay comes and catches the bottle. He throws it back at Raj. He asks Chandni to come with him. Raj and goons run after them. Manav and Raunaq take the family members. Roshni says I won’t leave Chandni here. She runs back to Chandni. Raunaq says I will get her, open the door. Manav sats we have to drop Dadi and Nani home, come Raunaq.

Roshni doesn’t see Chandni and Sanjay in the ward. She cries. She looks for them. Nirbhay, Chandni and Sanjay rush. Raj asks the men to find them. Roshni gets Chandni’s anklet there. Nirbhay pulls her and hides her from the goons. She sees Chandni and Sanjay. She says you here… Chandni asks are you okay. Roshni hugs her and cries.

Nirbhay says I will divert them and then we will go. Roshni says but you.. He says nothing will happen to me, don’t worry. He says they have gone to the terrace, run. The goons leave. Nirbhay asks Chandni and Roshni to come. Dadi and Nani say we won’t go. Chandni and Roshni get Sanjay on the wheelchair. Dadi asks them to come fast. Raj and goons come there. Chandni falls down. Everyone worries. Nirbhay says we don’t have time to run backways. Raunaq takes Sanjay. Nirbhay takes Roshni. Chandni asks Roshni to run away. Raunaq beats the goons. Manav and Nirbhay put Sanjay in the car.

Manav drives off. Raunaq fights the goons. Roshni cries for Chandni. Raj stops Chandni and says you thought you will save your dad from me. He says I will not give you a chance to take someone’s life. She says I won’t hear a word against my dad. He asks how dare you. The people surround Roshni. Raunaq gets a bike. Raj says beat her. Raunaq goes towards them and kicks them away. He asks Chandni to come. They flee on the bike. Raj fumes. Chandni sees Raunaq.

Nirbhay’s dad gets shocked seeing Sanjay. He gets attacked. Nirbhay shouts. Chandni gets angry on Nirbhay. Roshni says I know him well, because I love him.


Update Credit to: Amena

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