Chashni 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Chandni and Roshni meet Sanjay

The Episode starts with Chandni asking where is Sanjay. Doctor says he is getting shifted to the hospital. She sees Sanjay taken in the ambulance. She runs after the ambulance. Raunaq runs to stop her. Jeete hai chal….plays… Chandni comes in front of a car and falls down. She cries for Sanjay. Raunaq runs to her and shouts on the driver. He asks are you okay. Chandni says stop them, my dad. He asks her to calm down. He shouts. He says just control yourself, show me your hand. He sees the wound and ties the kerchief. He says you can’t lose your senses, we will go to hospital, come. They leave. They reach the hospital.

They rush and ask about Sanjay. She gets Manav’s call. Manav asks where are you, I m not getting Ranjan and son’s file, Tarun will not leave any chance to insult you. She cries. He asks why are you crying. She says my dad is alive. He gets shocked. He asks what, your dad is alive, where is he, where are you. She says city hospital. He says fine, I will come there. Tarun hears this and says Sanjay is alive. Raunaq says everything will be fine, don’t worry. She hugs him, and cries. Dadi and Nani come there. They see Chandni. Doctor says Sanjay got stitches, he is responding to treatment well, you can take him back to Disha care home, who will take the responsibility. Chandni says his daughter will take his responsibility. Doctor says fine, come with me, I will tell few imp things. Dadi and Nani worry and pray. Chandni meets Sanjay and cries. She says my dad was alive, you knew it, even then… Dadi says listen to me. Chandni says what will you clarify. Nani says we had no way. Dadi says give us a chance to explain. Chandni says you lost the chance.

Roshni comes and looks on shocked. Dadi says we got to know he is alive, he was attacked that night. Nani says we hid him from the world and we admitted him in disha care home. They see Roshni. Roshni says I came here following you. Chandni says our dad is alive, and they didn’t tell us anything, dad will go home. Roshni says no, he will go to care home. Chandni asks what are you saying. Roshni says he is a murderer, will you take him home. They argue. Chandni says dad didn’t do anything, a man came home that night, he framed dad, dad is innocent. Roshni says you have to choose either your dad or your sister, I will not listen to you this time. Chandni asks how can you ask me to do this. Roshni says yes. She cries and goes. Tarun comes to meet Raj. He says Sanjay is alive, he is admitted in city hospital. Raj gets angry. Nirbhay asks Sukhvinder to do something. The man says yes, loan people won’t leave us. Roshni comes there. She hugs Nirbhay. He asks why are you crying, tell me, don’t cry. She tells everything. She asks how shall I let him come home, I asked Chandni to choose between me and dad, did I do right. He asks how can you leave an imp relation, you value Chandni a lot, you left her, you never lose, that’s the best thing about you, how can you ask Chandni to choose between you and your dad, your dad needs his family and Chandni needs you, she will fall lonely, I m all alone here, dad lives in Delhi, my mum passed away, I miss dad a lot, he is the world’s best day, you have the best sister, how can you leave her, we keep our loved ones close. She thanks him and says you are the best, Nirbhay you always guided me right. He hugs her. His dad’s pic is seen. His dad is the evil man who framed Sanjay.

Precap: Raj and the angry people attack the hospital to kill Sanjay. Chandni takes Sanjay and runs. The goons run to beat them. Chandni gets caught by Raj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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