Chashni 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Chandni learns Sanjay is alive

The Episode starts with Raunaq and Chandni arguing. He takes a selfie with her. He says I have come here for you, I mean your dept, I have to get some papers checked. She says fine, you can go, I will get it checked. She asks who did you fight. He says I help people, an uncle was running from disha care home, the staff took him back, he was in pain, he was saying he has to meet his daughters. She says I saw him, I feel bad for his family, the girls will feel sad seeing his bad state. He says yes, I know, I hope he gets fine soon and goes home. She looks at him. He says you will fall in love with me if you stare at me so much, I will go now, do your work well, no need to see my handsome face, else you will think of me and I will get hiccups. He goes and comes back. He says I told you, don’t look for me, you can’t concentrate all day. She asks him to go.

She says so stupid of me, why did I look at him. At home, Chandni makes the badam halwa. Roshni comes home. Chandni says you came early today. Roshni sits studying the new books. Chandni comes. She asks do you have an exam tomorrow, what happened, why are you upset, stop it, did anyone say anything. Roshni says I don’t want to talk, else we will fight. Chandni asks her to say. Roshni says we get insulted for Sanjay’s deeds, he died and left us in this state, he isn’t here to protect us, I m my class topper, I couldn’t give one answer, I m tired, I can’t handle this.

Chandni hugs her and says you don’t remember what happened. Roshni says I don’t want to talk to you, he is a great man for me, he is a selfish, greedy and corrupt murderer for me, there must be some truth, you remember how mom died. Chandni cries and recalls the police coming home to search Sanjay’s house. Saroj says my husband is a sincere man, he can’t do this sin. The constable finds the money bag. Inspector says you are mistaken. Saroj says someone kept this bag, listen to me. She cries. The people get angry and come there to beat them. She asks the girls not to come out. She says Roshni is your responsibility. Saroj goes to talk to the people. The people get angry and beat her. Saroj dies. Nani and Dadi come home. They check Saroj. They find her dead. FB ends.

Roshni goes to terrace and cries. Nirbhay calls her and asks her to come downstairs. She goes to meet him. Chandni cries and talks to Sanjay’s pic. She says I will make Roshni believe that you didn’t do anything wrong. Raunaq comes home and calls out Chandni. He goes to her room and finds her crying. She asks what are you doing here. He says I was calling you, you didn’t respond so I came here to give these papers. She says you can’t enter someone’s house, you should learn to respect people’s privacy. He says sorry, I was really worried. He sees Sanjay’s pic and stops. He asks whose pic is it, show it to me. She says no, why do you ask, I love him a lot, he is my dad, he isn’t alive. He says show it to me once. He snatches the pic and sees it. He gets shocked and recalls meeting Sanjay. She takes the pic and scolds him. He says I have seen him. She says enough. Nirbhay gets juice for Roshni. He says I will not leave the professor. She says Chandni doesn’t believe me, she loves dad a lot, and she can’t believe he can be wrong, I have accepted that Sanjay was wrong, when she faces truth, then she will be shattered. Chandni says this matter is sensitive, I won’t tolerate any prank. Raunaq says I have seen him, he has got old now, I told you about the uncle at fire station, he is the one. She gets shocked. Chandni runs to Disha care home and asks about Sanjay. Raunaq comes with her. Doctor says I m Sanjay’s doctor, who are you. Chandni cries happily. Raunaq says see, I told you. She says I m his daughter. Doctor asks are you Chandni or Roshni. She says I m Chandni. Doctor says your dad misses you both a lot. She asks can I meet him. He says a patient attacked him, he got serious injury, we are taking him to city hospital, we informed his family. She asks who did you inform. He says his guardians, they often come to meet him. She asks guardians. He says the case is serious, so I m sharing this info. She asks who comes to meet him. He says Bindu and Vandana, his mum and Saas. She gets shocked.

Precap:Chandni says Nani and Dadi cheated us for years, my dad is alive. Everyone meets Sanjay. Tarun says I have to tell Raj that Sanjay is alive. Raj and some men attack the hospital to kill Sanjay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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