Chashni 14th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nirbhay pays Roshni’s fees

The Episode starts with Raunaq saying the party was good. Chandni says you came uninvited. He jokes on her. She slaps him and shuts his mouth up. He looks at her. She says mosquito, I saved you from malaria and dengue, at least say thanks. He says oh. He leaves. She thinks where is Roshni. She calls Roshni. Roshni says we got late, Chandni is calling, come. Chandni says Roshni isn’t here. She calls again. Nirbhay drives. Roshni takes the call and makes excuses. He stops the car and asks her to show the phone. He sees Chandni’s pic. He asks is this your sister, Chandni. She says yes. He says I told her a lot that day at the dhaba. She says no, were you that ill mannered guy. He says sorry. She says you ruined your impression. Her phone falls. The screen breaks. She cries. He says I will buy you a new phone. She says no, she got this phone for me, I have sentiments attached to it, I feel like a rift has come between us. He says sorry. They leave.

Chandni takes care of Riya. Manav smiles seeing her. Kesariya….plays… Chandni asks Manav to get Riya sleep, then he can take her in arms. Manav says I try to give mum and dad’s love, but still she misses her mum. Dadi says end the divorce matter soon, marry my Chandni and live happy. He says yes and smiles.

Roshni comes. She asks did Dadi and Nani sleep. Chandni says yes, I was so worried for you. Roshni says sorry, come with me. She shows the bottle of alcohol. Chandni scolds her. Roshni says we will try one peg, please. Chandni says no way, you got mad. Roshni asks when will we try. Chandni says after we get married. Roshni says I have to focus on my career. Chandni asks her is Nirali any girl or guy. Roshni says actually, he is a guy, I like him. Chandni says you just look into my eyes and say, play these games with anyone else, you are lying to me, I know my sister can never hide about your BF, you tell me everything. She scolds her. Roshni says sorry and hugs her. She says my love for Nirbhay is true, I hope I can tell this to you some day. Tarun comes to meet Raj. Raj says I m hurt, Chandni has joined the job at fire station, they were celebrating today, do something. Chandni comes home and sees Raunaq having food. She taunts him. He says where would a guy go, when he has nothing to eat. Chandni asks him to leave if he is done. He talks in Tamil. They don’t understand. He says one should have food well. Dadi and Nani leave for Satsang. The guy gets Raunaq’s stuff there. Raunaq stops him. He asks Chandni to take the money from his pocket and give to the guy. She says okay. He jokes and laughs. She says you do it yourself. He says please, sorry. She gives the money to the guy. The guy goes. Roshni says we have everything in our house. He says I got the things delivered here, I will clean my house and then come to get these things, we are neighbors, love the neighbor, follow it. Chandni says hate the neighbor. He says I know to change hate into love. Chandni says give our glass. He says lassi was good. She asks him to take his bags. He says tiger doesn’t need help. Roshni smiles. Chandni asks her to go and have breakfasr. He takes his bags. He says sometimes tiger needs help. Chandni smiles and helps him. He asks her to feed him the paratha, he is still hungry.

She feeds the paratha to him. He leaves, saying love the neighbor. She says hate the neighbor. Nirbhay comes to meet Roshni. He says I got prasad for you, dad got this from Vaishnodevi. He hugs her. She goes. The man gives her the books. He says someone paid your fees online and messaged me to give these books to you. She smiles and sees Nirbhay. He clicks her pic. She goes and hugs him. He says I m also related to you, I will handle it, you want to fulfil your dream, study well. She goes.

Chandni says I m writing an application for ladies washroom, please give this to Manav Sir. A man comes and says Tarun is calling you. She goes. He scolds her for skipping the night shift and going home. She says sorry, I checked it, it wasn’t there. He scolds her. He says I will not leave you, you will cry over your decision. Chandni recalls the schedule. She cries. Some paper falls down. She picks it. Manav comes. She goes crying. He gets angry at Tarun.

Precap:Manav asks Tarun to accept it, Chandni is an employee there. Raunaq argues with Chandni. Sanjay runs away and reaches the fire station.

Update Credit to: Amena

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