Chashni 10th April 2023 Written Update: Raunak shows his real face to Chandni.

The Episode starts with Nirbhay’s body being brought for the last rites. The priest asks about his father or brother. Chandni says her father is in jail and ill so he cannot come so she will do the last rites. Chandni cries while performing the rituals. Before she can start the fire Roshni comes and says stop as she will do it. Roshni cries badly. Dadi and Nani hug Roshni and ask her to come home, she asks them to leave as she wants to talk to Chandni alone. Raunak apologizes to Roshni and says that she did not deserve this.

Roshni tells that she really did not deserve this but when one’s own people turn against then wrong is bound to happen. She asks Raunak to take Dadi and Nani home. Chandni asks them to go and she will bring Roshni along. Roshni tells Chandni that the fire is burning not only Nirbhay’s body but also their relationship. She says how from childhood she became so much like a mother that their sisterly bond was broken. Roshni says that due to her principles, rules and strict behavior, she is never able to convey her words properly. Chandni is shocked to hear his complaints.

Roshni tells that Chandni pretended to forgive Nirbhay as he helped her prove her father’s innocence but she never fully accepted Nirbhay. She keeps accusing Chandni of accusing Nirbhay. She keeps saying how Chandni could not see her happiness and snatched everything from her, her life and her Nirbhaya. Chandni tells Roshni that Nirbhay was innocent and did not burn the club, Roshni is shocked. She says that Chandni should not have told her the truth as now she is feeling more angry towards her as Nirbhay got punished for a crime he did not commit. She warns Chandni to never appear in front of her again.

Roshni tells Chandni that she is her enemy from now on and will finish her. Roshni tells Chandni that she has lost control over her and leaves. Raunak tells Chandni that he is watching a great video and shows her and Roshni’s conversation. He shows his real face and says she deserves it. Chandni tells what happened to her. Raunak says she doesn’t deserve any relationship and accepts that she has done everything. He says that he has separated Roshni from him and gave Nirbhay the idea to burn the club.

Raunak tells his plan to Chandni. He tells that he will make sure to find Roshni and keep her away from Chandni forever. Chandni asks why did he do all this. He asks Chandni to take revenge and holds her responsible for his sister’s death. Chandni denies knowing him. Raunak does not believe his words. The words of light and brightness echoed in his ears. Chandni feels that Raunak’s words have not broken her but have given birth to a new Chandni Chopra. She is determined to bring Roshni back home and take revenge on Raunak.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raunak will inaugurate the showroom but Chandni comes and stops him saying that the formalities are not completed. Chandni will come to Sumer’s party and will be shocked to see Roshni as his wife.

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