BhagyaLakshmi 24th March 2023 Written Update: Lakshmi gives an advice to Malishka

The episode starts with Malishka asking the match maker if the guy will like Lakshmi and vice versa. The match maker says it will happen. The match maker says she values her word. Dadi tells the match maker that they want the best guy for Lakshmi. The match maker says to Dadi that the guy has all the qualities that they want. Malishka comments on Lakshmi. The match maker after hearing about Lakshmi now confirms to Malishka that the guy will like Lakshmi very much as he also values marriage just like Lakshmi.

Dadi argues with Malishka about Lakshmi. Dadi reminds Malishka that if she is marrying Rishi it is because of Lakshmi. Lakshmi says if she thought Malishka as her enemy then she wouldn’t have saved Malishka from the fire and Lakshmi wouldn’t divorce Rishi.

Ayush come and asks Lakshmi what is she doing? Lakshmi asks Ayush to stop calling her Bhabhi. Ayush says it is his right to call her Bhabhi and she can’t take this right away from him. Ayush says to Lakshmi that it is not right that Rishi and Lakshmi are not getting married. Ayush asks Lakshmi why can’t she understand what is he trying to say? Lakshmi says to Ayush that Rishi and Malishka love each other. Ayush comments on it. Lakshmi stops Ayush from speaking and says she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore.

Ayush goes to Rishi and says they have to party as his marriage with Malishka got fixed. Rishi agrees. Ayush asks Rishi if he is happy with his marriage. Rishi says yes. Ayush says no and shows the video in which Rishi and Lakshmi are happy being with each other. Ayush shows the video and says he is only happy with Lakshmi and not Malishka. Ayush asks Rishi to close his eyes and see with his heart who he loves. Rishi takes Lakshmi’s name.

Virendra comes and asks Dadi why is she looking worried? Dadi says to Virendra how Rishi behaved in the hall with everyone and when he is about to say something. Lakshmi took Rishi away. Virendra and Dadi think Rishi and Lakshmi are hiding something that is important to both of them.

Malihska complains to Karishma and Kiran about Lakshmi. Kiran and Karishma asks Malishka not to worry about Lakshmi. Kiran asks Malishka to burn her worries in Holi Ka Dahan as she is going to it. Malishka says she can’t burn Lakshmi in that fire.

Ayush thinks Rishi realised that he loves Lakshmi and feels elated. Rishi later covers it up and says he took Lakshmi’s name because she came here. Rishi asks Lakshmi why did she come here? Lakshmi makes up a reason for it. Ayush leaves from there.

Malishka comes to Lakshmi and taunts her that Rishi’s marriage is going to happen with her soon but she wouldn’t be able to see it as she is leaving the house. Malishka asks Lakshmi what magic did she do that everyone is taking her name in this house. Lakshmi says that magic name is love. Lakshmi gives an advice to Malishka asking her to find her happiness in others.

Ayush thinks he has to do something to expose Malishka only then Rishi and Lakshmi will get back together. Ayush also decides to take Shalu’s help if he has to.

Sona congrats Malishka as her marriage date got fixed. Malishka says now they have to do something so that everyone in the Oberoi family will hate Lakshmi.

Episode ends.

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