Bhagya Lakshmi 5th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Malishka’s plan backfires

The Episode starts with Rishi listening to the song and says it is Lakshmi’s favorite song. Ayush calls him. Rishi picks his call and asks if he called to time pass, and says he will talk later. Ayush asks what happened? Rishi says he is hearing Lakshmi’s favorite song. Ayush asks him to hear it with Lakshmi and tells that the meeting is cancelled. Rishi says ok, I will go home. He gets Leela’s call and tells her that he is not sure about the proposals yet. Leela thinks Rishi is right to be thinking that Lakshmi shall get the good guy and thinks to do something.

Malishka comes to the kitchen and thinks Lakshmi didn’t check the kheer yet. She pours liquid in the kheer so that Lakshmi’s lips get swollen for 5-6 days and says I will pick her lips and will throw it down for kissing Rishi. Suhani hears her who has just come and says I will tell everyone. Malishka threatens her and tries to hurt her keeping her hand on the stove. Lakshmi thinks to go and check the kheer. Malishka threatens Suhani that she will send her to jail for theft and then she will not get job anywhere. She asks her to do finger on lips. Just then she sees Neelam standing.

Dadi asks Lakshmi if she made kheer. Lakshmi says yes. Dadi says she will have 5-6 bowls. Neelam asks what is she doing here? Malishka picks the bottle and the liquid falls in the coconut milk accidentally. She says she had come to drink water. She goes from there and signs Suhani not to say anything. Suhani asks Neelam, what is she making? Neelam says Coconut milk smoothie. She asks her to give coconut milk to her. Suhani gives her coconut milk.

Shalu finds the keys and thinks Chachi has kept money in it. Bani comes there and tells that they shall take the money so that they shall teach a lesson to her. Malishka thinks if Neelam aunty had come to taste the kheer. She thinks she will not even touch it, as Lakshmi made it. She says once Lakshmi tastes the kheer, she will throw the kheer, so that others don’t have it. She says you want to kiss my Rishi, now take swollen lips. She imagines Lakshmi with swollen lips and laughs. She thinks why Neelam had come to kitchen.

Rano comes to the room and searches for the keys. Shalu gives her keys. Rano asks did you open it? Shalu says no. Bani says I will open it and will show you. Rano says I trust you. She thinks to check the locker later. Neelam makes chocolate smoothie and thinks Malishka will like it. Lakshmi comes to the kitchen and is about to taste it. Suhani tries to stop her, Malishka looks at her angrily. Lakshmi asks Suhani to give water to Dadi. Suhani goes. Lakshmi is about to taste the kheer, then thinks Dadi wants to have it so she shall taste it first. She takes the kheer to the dining table. Virender asks Rishi about his meeting. Rishi says it is cancelled. Malishka thinks kheer bowl is kept infront of Dadi. She gets worried. Neelam asks Lakshmi to sit. Lakshmi sits. Virender says he wants Kheer. Dadi says it is mine and asks him not to keep eye on his diet. Malishka asks Dadi to give kheer to her. Dadi refuses. Malishka snatches Kheer bowl from Dadi’s hand and makes the bowl falls down. Everyone looks at them. Dadi gets sad. Malishka says sorry. Rishi tells Malishka that she would have eaten kheer after Dadi. Virender tells that Lakshmi will make kheer for you later. Lakshmi says she will make it in the evening. Neelam asks Malishka to have the coconut milk smoothie. Malishka refuses and says Dadi couldn’t have her favorite kheer. Dadi asks her to have it. Malishka drinks the chocolate coconut milk smoothie. Neelam and others look at her swollen lips and gets shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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