Bhagya Lakshmi 31st March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Rano applying colour to Karishma’s face and running away without showing herself. Karishma opens her eyes and doesn’t see anyone.

Rishi wraps a towel around Lakshmi. Ayush comes to take Bhaang. Ayush and Shalu think the guy who makes Thandai is really talented. Shalu comments on Ayush saying he is not talented. Ayush says he is a lot more talented than she can imagine. Ayush and Shalu think they have to make Rishi drink Bhaang. Shalu gives a pill to Ayush and asks Ayush to mix it in the drink. Ayush asks Shalu if one is enough. Shalu says yes. Ayush teases Shalu. Shalu scolds him and leaves from there.

Bani comes and asks Lakshmi if she is feeling cold. Lakshmi says she is feeling a little cold. Bani asks Lakshmi to go to the house and take a rest. Malishka and Sonal overhear Bani and Lakshmi talking. Ayush brings Rishi some buttermilk and asks him to drink it. Rishi says he doesn’t like it. Rishi asks Ayush to have it. Ayush says he already had it and he can’t have it. The guy beside Rishi takes the buttermilk from Ayush and says he will drink it. Ayush tries to take the buttermilk but the other guy doesn’t give it. Shalu gets worried as in that drink there is some Bhaang.

Malishka and Sonal think if Lakshmi goes to the house then her plan will fail. Lakshmi says she will not leave and asks Bani to play. Bani agrees and leaves from there. Malishka asks Lakshmi to take some rest.

Rano comes and makes fun of Karishma. Karishma understands that Rano did this and argues with her. Neelam calls Karishma. Karishma stops her argument and leaves from there after warning Rano.

Shalu runs into the other guy beside Rishi and spills the Bhaang on the ground. Shalu apologises to the other guy and leaves from there. Ayush sends the other guy away.

Malishka and Sonal think about how should they trap Lakshmi. Malishka says they will mix the powder in the laddoo and then they will make Lakshmi eat the laddoo then Lakshmi’s true colours will be revealed. Sonal agrees and goes to bring laddoos.

Sonal comes to take the Laddoos. Sonal sees Mukesh and sends him away making up a reason. Sonal takes the Laddoo and mixes the powder in the laddoo. Sonal requests a lady guest to take these Laddoos and give it to Lakshmi. The lady guest agrees. The lady guest gives laddoos to Lakshmi and says her sister gave it to her. Lakshmi takes the Laddoo and thanks her.

Malishka and Sonal see Kiran. Kiran comes and asks Malishka what are they doing here? Malishka says they got tired playing Holi so they are taking rest. Kiran says she is also feeling tired. Kiran leaves from there. Sonal and Malishka see the ladoo plate empty and think Lakshmi are the laddoos.

Dadi sees Lakshmi sitting alone and asks Rishi why is that? Rishi says he doesn’t know and says he will go and ask her? Dadi agrees and says to Rishi that she thought of them as Krishna and Radha but fate has decided something different for them.

Ayush and Shalu think about how they should make Rishi drink Bhaang. Rishi dreams of himself as Krishna and Lakshmi as Radha.

Krishna comes and asks Radha why is she angry at him? Radha says she has a reason to be angry and asks Krishna if he asked his mother whether Radha will love him or not? Rishi says yes. Rishi says he doesn’t know if she will live him as he doesn’t look fair. Radha says she is angry as he didn’t ask her this question. Radha applies black colour over her cheeks and says now they are both same colour. Radha says to Krishna now he doesn’t need to doubt her love. Rishi says he wasn’t doubting her but he was doubting himself.

Episode ends.

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