Bhagya Lakshmi 25th March 2023 Written Update: Rishi lies to Dadi and Virender

The Episode starts with Shalu asking Rano if she shall wear this for holi, as this is old. Rano says you want to wear this handsome (beautiful) dress tomorrow and tells that you can wear it for 2-3 years. Bani tells that she will not wear torn dress. Rano says she will stitch it. Shalu says when we go to Oberoi’s house, people will say that you have given such clothes to and tells that you can wear it for 2-3 years. Bani tells that she will not wear torn dress. Rano says she will stitch it. Shalu says when we go to Oberoi’s house, people will say that you have given such clothes to your nieces. She says your nose will be cut. Bani says even you think the same when some relatives come wearing old clothes. Rano says everyone will wear clothes according to their status. Shalu and Bani ask Neha to wear old clothes. Neha says she will not wear old clothes. Bani says then we will not go to Oberoi house. Neha says you both are my entry ticket. She asks Rano to let them wear what they want to wear. Rano gives them permission to wear what they want, but don’t tell later that they don’t clothes. Neha tells them that she will woo Ayush. Shalu and Bani are happy.

Malishka asks Sonal not to stop her, and says she will play her game when everyone is playing holi. Sonal asks her to be careful. Malishka says nothing wrong will happen, I will be alert and will do everything with proper planning. Sonal asks what she wants to do. Malishka smiles.

Sonia comes to Lakshmi and says she came to make her have sweets, as her conspiracies failed. She forcefeeds sweets in her mouth and says like your heart is black, this sweet is so sweet. Ahana comes there and tells that Lakshmi bhabhi is silent, but that doesn’t mean that she ca;t answer her and says if she answer then all our family respect will be on side. Sonia says don’t talk nonsense Ahana says you are talking nonsense. Sonia says she is not my Bhabhi. Ahana says if Rishi bhai marries Malishka then he will lose and we all will lose, as Malishka can never be like Lakshmi. Sonia says there is no comparison. They argue. Lakshmi asks them not to fight because of her. Sonia says thank god, you have admitted that argument happens because of you. Lakshmi asks Ahana and Sonia to go. Sonia says this is my house, you can’t order me. Lakshmi says I am not ordering you. Sonia pushes the sweets box and goes. Lakshmi picks the sweets from the floor.

Ayush calls Shalu and says I have called for important thing. Shalu asks what happened? Ayush says Rishi and Malishka’s marriage date is fixed and tells that Lakshmi’s alliance is going to fix. Shalu asks why you didn’t stop. Ayush says why they separated, because of that moment which Lakshmi saw. He says we know that Rishi didn’t do anything wrong, and says when this truth comes out then Rishi and Lakshmi will agree. Bani says Malishka has done this, but why she will say everything. Shalu says a person can do anything for their selfishness. Ayush says tomorrow is holi, and we will do anything. He says when everyone applies color to everyone’s faces, we will expose her true face. He laughs and ends the call.

Virender calls Rishi and asks him to come to room. Rishi thinks Dadi might want to know what I have changed, he thinks I have promised Lakshmi and can’t tell anyone. He thinks what will I answer to Dad and Dadi. He goes there and asks did you have any problem? Dadi says we have a big problem and says you are a problem. He holds her ears. Rishi asks why did you make me remember my childhood, and asks her to leave her ears. Dadi asks him to tell what he wanted to tell when Pandit ji was sitting. Rishi says I was planning destination wedding actually. Virender pulls his ears and asks him to say truth. Dadi asks if lakshmi came to stop you from saying this. Virender says Lakshmi will not stop you for this. He says you came to know that you love Lakshmi.

Malishka and Sonal are in the car. Malishka asks Sonal if everything will be done. Sonal says yes, it will be done and says you know last time experience. Malishka asks her to do as she said and says she will handle everything. Rishi recalls promising Lakshmi and says you are repeating the same, and says I don’t love Lakshmi, we are just friends. Dadi asks whom you love? Rishi says I just love Malishka and Lakshmi is my friend. He says Lakshmi is not my type, our level is not same, she is very good girl and I genuinely care for her and respect her, she has done a big favor on me, which I can’t return. He says I don’t love her and says I am marrying Malishka. He says if I love Lakshmi then why did I divorce her? Dadi says if you are in love with her, then it is too late. He says Malishka and my relation has gone to different level, so I have to marry her, and there is no question if I love Lakshmi or not. He says Lakshmi shall be happy in her life and I shall be happy in my life, and says chapter closed. He goes out and feels bad to lie to them. He says I am sorry, I lied you both, I love Lakshmi and you both used to say this, but I didn’t realize her love, it was my bad luck and when I understood, it is too late.

Virender tells Dadi that Rishi said right, that if he loves Lakshmi then it is too late. He says even now, I don’t believe that Rishi has done that with Malishka. Malishka comes to Oberoi’s house. Karishma praises her for wearing saree and compliments her beauty etc. She asks if Rishi is not ready. Rishi comes there. Neelam asks them to go and do holika puja. Rishi sees Lakshmi and asks her to come with them. Karishma says you both shall go. Rishi says today is holika dahan, if we put all the sadness and pain in it, then we get peace and happiness, that’s why I asked her to come. Neelam asks Rishi why you didn’t tell me, don’t you want my sadness and pain to go. Lakshmi asks him to go. Karishma asks Rishi to go to Simran aunty as they properly do the rituals. Malishka holds his hand and takes her from there.

Precap: Ahana tells that Rishi bhai’s choice is always best. Sonia says that’s why he chose Malishka and left Lakshmi. Rishi says enough and says if my marriage happens with Malishka or not, but I will not bear if anything says anything against Lakshmi. Shalu tells that Ayush’s plan will work and Rishi and Lakshmi will unite. Dadi asks Malishka to become bahu first and says you can’t compete with Lakshmi. Malishka says there shall be task between us, if Lakshmi loses then nobody shall take her side. Ayush asks if you lose then? Malishka says if I lose then I will do what you say.

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