Bekaboo 9th April 2023 Written Update

Today’s episode starts with Ranav ordering her family to stop hunting from now on and that the servant’s work will be done by the Raichand’s. Yamini and his family started doing the household chores while Ranav relaxed and watched them doing all the work. In the evening, the Raichand’s sat together and discussed about Ranav’s powers. Yamini recalled her father’s words where he told her that the blood of Pari’s is very powerful. If a Rakshas drinks even 1 drop of blood of a Pari then he or she would become ten times more powerful. Yamini is sure that Ranav must have drunk Mallika’s blood.

Vijay speaks to his mother while waiting outside Ranav’s house worried about getting fired from his job after last night’s chaos at the party. Bela arrives there to meet Ranav. He reaches a door that’s always kept locked. He was just about to open the door when Mallika and her father arrived at Ranav’s place. Ranav ordered Yamini to make tea for Mallika. Ranav proposed to get engaged tonight and get married two days later to which Mallika and her father agreed. They were about to leave but Bela arrived there. Mallika asked her to say what she saw the other night. Bela apologised to both Mallika and Ranav. Ranav invited Bela and her family to the engagement party. Bela and her family arrived at the party dressed in black. She could hear Vijay speaking in his mind. Adi was drinking in his room and suddenly came down and went to Mallika saying that he loves Mallika. Mallika taunted him and slapped him. Adi was about to slap Mallika when Ranav reached there and held his hands. He made Adi apologise to Mallika’s shoes just the way Adi had done before with Ranav.

Ranav decided to break Mallika’s heart the next day. A little boy came running at the party and gave a chit to Mallika. She read it and went upstairs that was all decorated for her. Bela arrived there and apologised to Mallika and held her hand when she saw a cut and blood on her hands. Bela had purposefully cut her hands so that Ranav becomes out of control by sniffing Bela’s blood. Ranav gets the same chit from that boy and goes upstairs. When he held Mallika’s hands, he saw blood there and became out of control and came back in his Rakshas form. Mallika got scared and ran away from there. He went to his father screaming and saying that Ranav was a Rakshas. At the same time, suddenly a film started on the projector stating a poem that Bela had written earlier. Ranav arrived there roaring and scaring everyone. Suddenly he started laughing at Mallika. He said that he was making fun of Mallika with false dentures. Ranav sat on his knees and proposed to Mallika with a ring. Mallika accepted the proposal and they exchanged rings with each other. Bela’s plan failed.

Adi was so disturbed and stressed that he decided to stop the marriage by killing Mallika. Yamini arrives there and asks him not to do anything like that. She was sure that Mallika was a Pari and her blood could make a Rakshas even more powerful. She asked her husband to get all Mallika’s birth details to be more sure.

After the break, Bela reaches the temple to seek blessings from Durga Ma to stop Mallika’s wedding. Mallika and his father also reach the temple. They meet Bela while Mallika’s father asks her to forgive Bela. Mallika says that she would forgive Bela only if she didn’t break her trust again. It is a common belief that while in the temple if one receives Mata’s chunni it is considered as a blessing and his or her wishes come true. Surprisingly Bela receives the chunni and the Panditji blesses her. This makes Mallika even more jealous of Bela and asks his father to leave from there. While Ranav was waiting outside the temple for Bela, Daruka told him that a Pari had broken his grandfather’s meditation.

Recap : Bela helps Adi to stop Mallika’s marriage.

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