Bekaboo 1st April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with the rituals of Bela’s ring ceremony. Pratham hits on Mallika that enrages Yamini’s sons. While Bela’s ring ceremony Bela heard his fiance say in his mind that he sees Bela as his career Pratham picks up the ring while bleeding from his finger. Whenever a Rakshas sees blood it becomes difficult for one to control himself and hide his original look. Pratham somehow controls himself. Suddenly there’s a power cut at the party and there’s some sort of short circuit. A boy was about to touch a wire but was saved by Bela who touched the wire but Pratham held his hand that in turn electrocuted his entire body. An electrician arrived and informed us that the lights will be there anytime.

During the ring ceremony Bela gets very upset and distracted in her own thoughts. She gets flashbacks from her past. Pratham exits the party and his original appearance of a Rakshas appears. He makes a loud roar. A storm was going on outside. Mallika is looking for Ranav urf Pratham. She reaches Mallika’s room at her outhouse. Pratham finds Bela’s painting, and praises Mallika for the painting. He tries to flirt with Mallika. Mallika feels that Pratham was acting difficult. Bela tells her husband that he finds Ranav urf Pratham weird. Bela returns to her room, finds a weird hair strand and immediately runs to make a painting from her memory.

Pratham’s sister is worried about the incident at the party and talks to her husband about it. Pratham decides to find the truth about Ashwath. Mallika’s father informs her about a diamond event the next day. He asks Mallika if she likes Ranav. Bela alerts Mallika about Pratham. Suddenly Ranav appears in the scene and flirts with Mallika again. Mallika invites him to the diamond event. Later while Bela was in a hurry, she trips and Ranav saves her and they share a close moment. Bela warns Pratham to stay away from Mallika.

Yamini comes to meet Mallika’s father. She informs him that last night Bela sent a police officer to their place. The MLA tells him that he was the one who helped Bela. Pratham overhears them talking. It appears that M.r MLA and Yamini are partners in crime. They plan to steal a very precious diamond the next day and sell it in the international market. Yamini tells his sons that they would need to steal the diamond tonight and they would appear in their original Rakshas. Bela goes to the car to bring another dress for Mallika while Pratham arrives at the situation and repairs Mallika’s dress hook. Bela asks Vijay how she’s looking but he scolds him and hurts him.Mallika’s father welcomes the queen of Sitamgar in front of everyone at the diamond event. Yamini’s sons and Pratham all stare at the diamond. Suddenly there’s a power cut. Pratham teases Bela. Yamini’s sons appear as Rakshasas at the event, steal the diamond and run away from the place. When the lights came back the police arrived and everyone was shocked to see the dead guards who were killed by Yamini’s sons.

After the break, when there’s chaos at the event, Bela finds Mallika in Pratham’s arms and warns her to stay away from him. Yamini’s sons kill some more guards at the woods. The MLA tries to act concerned about the theft in front of the event and assures the queen that he would find out who was responsible for the theft. Pratham appeared at the scene and said that it was good that at least the queen wasn’t hurt.

Later, Yamini’s sons return with the diamond at a party of the MLA and Yamini’s family. The MLA handed over the diamond to a man who would transfer the money for the diamond in his account. Bela found a hair strand of an animal in Mallika’s clothes. The MLA got a call from the man to whom he had sold the diamond and got to know that the diamond that he had sold was a fake one. While returning to Sitamgar, the queen’s car was attacked by some goons.

Recap : Bela finds out that Pratham is a Rakshas. Pratham tries to kill Bela.

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