“Being a part of Colors in a fiction show, which has Ektaa Kapoor’s vision, is a dream come true,” says Shalin Bhanot ahead of Bekaboo premiere

Ahead of the premiere of Bekaboo on Colors channel, lead actor Shalin Bhanot spoke about the show, changes in his life post-Bigg Boss 16 and more

A few weeks back, Colors’ announced its upcoming TV show, titled Bekaboo. The upcoming fantasy drama is said to be an ultimate war between good and evil. Going by the promos, Bekaboo captures the journey of a Pari (Fairy) and Rakshas (Demon), who are destined to be warring with the history of their families. Delving into the two separate worlds of fairies and demons, the show will star Shalin Bhanot, Eisha Singh, and Monalisa in lead roles. Ahead of the show’s debut on the TV screens, Shalin Bhanot discussed various aspects of his professional and personal life with rticleweb. Here’s the excerpt:

When you stepped into the sets of Bekaboo, what was the feeling?

The first day when I came to the set, I was nervous and I’m equally nervous right now. It is a very different show. It is a very unique and very, very different character altogether. So I’m very, very nervous playing Ranav and being unbreakable. I hope and pray that my hard work shows and that people like it.

Have you ever thought of leading a project like Bekaboo, a story about Rakshas and Pari?

Maine kabhi zindagi mai nahi socha tha ke mai ek din Rakshas banu aur itna khush ho jaunga Rakshas ban kar… Hahaha… No, I never thought about it. Being a part of Colors in a fiction show backed by Balaji and doing a project which is an Ekta Kapoor’s vision, is a dream come true. So I think I’m really blessed. And I am really happy about it. But I never thought that I would do a Bekaboo or Rakshas.

How did you manage to handle all the negativity and criticism around you post Bigg Boss 16?

I actually have not seen any negativity or criticism around my game. There was no game, it was me living a very imperfect me inside the house. And the kind of love and affection that I’m getting outside the house is very evident. I’ve got a lot of love and appreciation from everyone and I’m really grateful to the entire country for giving me so much love.

So far, which character of yours is your favourite and why?

I think one of the most favourite ever in my life would be playing Ranav because, of the kind of character it is and the way they have sketched it, it is very unique, very different from anything that I’ve ever done, or I would ever do in my life again, with multiple shades with multiple levels of his character. I think this is the most unique character I have ever done and would do.

A piece of advice you would like to give to your younger self.

I think every human being should only aim to make mistakes and make loads of mistakes. Because mistakes happen when you take chances and not play safe. So every human being should make as many mistakes as they can. I am an imperfect man. I am a human who makes mistakes and I’m proud of every mistake that I’ve ever made in my life.


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