Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav gets arrested

The Episode starts with Sania saying my house is away, I will take a cab. Raghav says I will drop you home, cab isn’t safe at late hours. Lakhan and Monica have a talk. She says beautiful women give inspiration for women. He asks her to come out of the filmi world, the boat rider doesn’t sing. Prachi comes and talks to him. They laugh. Monica says treat me like a queen, take me to Venice. He says done. Lakhan drinks. He says play some song. They dance. Monica says love should be happy and free. Prachi smiles and thinks love teaches you to live. Sania says old songs are good, by the way, I m doing my Masters in PR, thanks for getting time for me, I liked to spend time with you.

Raghav says I have a meeting tomorrow. Sania says Kiara told me that you have worked hard and got a big project for the company. He says its my project, I will make it. Monica takes video for a memory. Pihu thanks them and says I love you both. Lakhan says we love you too, I m tired, I want to sleep, good night. They go. Prachi calls and asks did everyone left the office. Guard says yes, I m also going. She says I hope Raghav and Sania’s date was good, he deserves happiness. Raghav hears the radio. Bade acche…plays.. Police stops Raghav and asks his name. Raghav says Raghav Arora. Inspector asks are you drunk. Raghav says I didn’t drink. Inspector tests and says you are drunk, you know Sania. Raghav says I know her, I dropped her. Inspector says she filed a complaint against you, you tried to molest her.

Pihu gets Prachi’s call and thinks its Raghav. Prachi says I was missing you and didn’t realize its so late. Pihu asks did anyone tell you anything. Prachi says no, I just wanted to hear your voice. Pihu says call back if you don’t get sleep. Prachi says Raghav is getting along Sania, I should be happy. Raghav says its nothing like that, I just dropped her home. Inspector asks what is this lipstick mark on your coat. Raghav recalls Sania hugging him. Inspector says we have to follow the procedure, sit in the car. Josh says cheers, I told you I will handle it. Sid says no cheers in advance, you made Raghav out of Prachi’s life, he has come back. Josh says my main focus is on myself. They have a talk. Josh says Raghav will get trapped in police case, I have thought of Lakhan also. Sid says alright, we will talk when this gets done. Raghav says I have to make a call. Inspector says you are drunk. Raghav says I didn’t drink. He thinks of Sania’s lies. He says I won’t say anything until my lawyer comes. Inspector scolds him.

Prachi hears radio. She thinks of Raghav. She sees Pihu and Angad rushing in the car. She says where are they going, is everything fine. Pihu asks how can someone blame him for assault. Angad says trust me, nothing will happen to him. Prachi calls Pihu. She messages her to call her back. She thinks did anything happen to Raghav. Raghav says I m saying the truth, I met Sania through Kiara Babbar, she wanted to meet me, I was busy and cancelled the meeting, she came to office with food, you can check cctv footage. Inspector asks what happened in the car, tell me, you assaulted her in the car. Raghav says I didn’t do anything, I had fruit champagne, if anyone spiked it then I don’t know. Inspector asks is the story complete. Pihu and Angad come. Pihu asks Raghav are you fine, come home. Angad argues with the Inspector.

He says we will pay the fine, you can’t stop him, we will finish the paperwork. Inspector asks him to sit. Pihu keeps her phone. Prachi asks is everything fine. She hears Pihu and Raghav’s talk. Pihu asks what happened that Sania blamed you for assault, does she want money, I will talk to her. Prachi is shocked. Angad says we paid the fine, we will go home. The media sees Raghav and asks him about assaulting a girl. They insult Raghav. Pihu gets angry on them. She asks Raghav to come. Sania comes there. Raghav gets angry. Sania acts like a victim. She gives a statement against Raghav and cries. Pihu says she is acting. Angad says please calm down. Sania says Raghav did acting, he behaved sweetly, he insisted that he will drop me home, I had no intention of his dirty intentions, he tried to physically harass me, I saved my life and ran away, my hands are shaking even now, I gathered courage to file the police complaint. Raghav leaves.

Prachi gets Pihu’s message. She recalls the past. She says same situation again. Pihu comes. Prachi cries and hugs her. Pihu asks what happened. Prachi says I heard everything, I will stand by you, promise you won’t leave me. Pihu says promise. Prachi asks how did it happen. Pihu says Sania looks innocent, don’t know how did she blame Raghav.

Precap:Prachi asks will you three leave me. Josh says Raghav is out of the company. Prachi says I will support Raghav this time.

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