Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi delays the marriage

The Episode starts with Josh and Prachi arguing. He says I m exhausted, we should give space to each other, lets call it off. She says I made a mistake, I m very sorry, I was scared that you will leave me and go. She hugs him and cries. He says I love you, I m sorry. She says I m sorry, I love you, I will win your trust and then we will marry, I will tell dad, I will try my best to win your trust. Raghav hears them. Pihu says its bad to hear others’ talks. He says I don’t wish anyone falls in love, a person just falls in love and can never get up. He leaves. He walks in the rain. Angad asks where are you going, is the dinner plan on or not. Pihu says we can’t leave him alone, why don’t the person we love love us back, maybe because we fall in love and can’t cope up. Angad says he is in love, its good that our love was at low level, what about Raghav, he has updated version of love. She says I forgot my phone. Angad says I m also coming. They go. Prachi also comes there and cries. They see each other. Raghav goes to Pihu and Angad. He says Prachi doesn’t need help. Angad asks how do you know. Servant takes an umbrella for Prachi. Angad and Pihu smile. Raghav, Pihu and Angad leave for dinner.

Prachi comes home. Mahir says you have spoiled the floor. She says lower your volume, else dad will wake up. He argues. Monica comes and scolds Mahir. She asks Prachi to go and sleep. Prachi says sorry. Monica says don’t say sorry, person learns from mistakes. Prachi tells about Josh, he wasn’t cheating her, he was planning a surprise for her. Monica says relax, its all sorted down, we will fix marriage date in the morning. Prachi says no, I m delaying it this time, I have lost his trust, I want to learn his trust first, he just needs some time, he really loves you. Monica says as long as he really loves you, go and sleep.

Sara says Raghav, you look so dashing with specs. He says thanks, sorry I couldn’t come before. Sara scolds Pihu for not staying in touch. Angad jokes on Brinda. Brinda hears him. Pihu laughs and says I will miss you. Angad says I m not going anywhere, is my mom behind me. They nod. Brinda beats Angad. Angad says so much of melodrama. She hugs him. Sara says Prachi changed a lot without you all. Raghav asks shall we have food. Sara says yes, come for dinner. Pihu goes to help. They talk about Prachi. Raghav says come, we shall have food. He gets Kiara’s call. He answers. Kiara asks will you come on dinner with me. He nods. Angad asks are you mad to go with her. Sara asks are you and Kiara friends. Pihu says you can’t go with her. Raghav says I can know her, you come along. Angad says I will decide it. Brinda says you are going. Pihu thinks how long will Raghav deny. Lakhan, Monica, Vikrant and Sara come from jog. Prachi says breakfast is ready. Lakhan says he cancelled the dinner to avoid marriage. Monica says chill for some time. He says fine, I won’t say. They have breakfast. Prachi says its our big project. She jokes about hurrying for her marriage. She reminds that Ram and Lakhan also got married in mid 30s. Lakhan says I will support Prachi. Prachi asks him to smile. He smiles. She hugs him.

He says I m happy, shall I swear now. Vikrant says have food. Sara asks are you fine, say the truth. Prachi says I m okay, I will get my phone. She goes. Lakhan says I don’t know if she is okay. Vikrant says I will be happy if this marriage gets cancelled, she deserves someone better. Lakhan says I wish this was a hindi film, I feel guilty, sorry, I want to change the past. FB shows Lakhan saying we should find out about Josh, if Raghav is right, then we should find out the truth, I can’t believe that Raghav can impregnate a girl and blame Josh. Vikrant says I will hire a private detective. Lakhan says I want to be sure. Mahir says Vikrant has given these detective’s reports about Marisha. Lakhan says Josh isn’t responsible, Marisha had multiple affairs. He shows the pics to Monica. FB ends. Lakhan thinks happiness comes in Prachi’s life.

Precap: Sania asks Prachi about Raghav. Prachi says he behaves well with everyone. Prachi and Raghav collide and say sorry. He taunts that he isn’t Josh.

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