Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th March 2023 Written Update: Prachi catches Josh cheating on her

The episode starts with Raghav saying that they may think that he’s there for Prachi but no. He says that he’s no more that emotional person and has nothing left for Prachi. Angad teases him. While he’s about to leave he bumps with Prachi who apologizes him. Prachi calls Pihu to join her for family dinner but Pihu says she would pass. Prachi leaves and makes plan to dine at Josh’s favourite restaurant. She enters the lift and gets busy on phone.

Raghav also enters the lift with absence of mind. They both realise each other’s presence and feels awkward. Prachi tries to book a table for 6 but it’s not available. Raghav books the table for Prachi and asks them to give a champagne as a complimentary from his side. While leaving, he says that he booked the table for Prachi and asks her to enjoy the dinner. He leaves without waiting for thank.

LK and his wife fight in his cabin while she scolds him for having junk food. He blames his best friend for storing them. She asks him to bring back Pihu home and LK says that she won’t listen to him. Prachi is on her way when she recalls Josh’s behaviour. She learns that Josh is in a room with a girl and gets upset. Raghav refuses to speak with Pihu and makes his conversation cut short with him. His wife gets Prachi’s call who shares with her about her suspicion. Her mother comforts her and asks her to take decision wisely. LK gets angry but his wife controls him. Prachi barges into the hotel room to find Josh hugging a girl. Prachi lashes out at him and breaks down.

Prachi removes her ring crying. Josh says that when there is no trust then she can leave. He says that he would call his parents and cancel the wedding. Prachi is not ready to listen to him. The girl introduces herself as Pratiksha Banerjee a wedding planner. She says that Josh called her here to plan for wedding and so she’s there. Prachi gets shocked and Pratiksha asks her to believe whatever she wants to and leaves. Josh says that she doesn’t love her and adds that if she had loved him she would’ve trusted him. He says he has second thoughts about the marriage and leaves while Prachi stands guilty. She looks at her engagement ring and scolds herself for her stupidity.

Pihu asks Raghav what he would like to have. Raghav orders bheja fry. Pihu and Angad ask him not to joke but Raghav says they need to try different things in life. Pihu asks Raghav if he’s talking about food or Prachi. Raghav tries to leave but Josh comes there at the same time. Prachi also comes to the bank of him. Josh wants to discuss something with him but Raghav leaves saying that they are leaving for food outside and leaves with Pihu and Angad. Prachi tries apologising to Josh but Josh guilt trips her saying that they need to take a break as she doesn’t trust him.

Precap: Raghav and Prachi are drenched in rain. Pihu says that it’s a miracle that the person we fall in love never reciprocates it but still we fall harder for them.

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