Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav and Lakhan sign a partnership deed

The Episode starts with Kiara raising a toast and giving a speech for Raghav. She says Raghav, cheers to your success, and you have become very handsome. Josh asks Prachi are you okay. He takes her along. Kiara asks how is the business going. Josh says Samaira is desperate to join our firm, ask anyone in office, she is mad, you still don’t believe that I love you. He drinks. He says how shall I say that I m doing all this for us, I know you are waiting for marriage, I m also waiting, what shall I do, we have no money to go, Samaira said ARP is looking for funding, that can be us, he won’t accept if I take this deal but you… She asks me? He says sorry, it’s a bad idea, I m getting bad thoughts. She says don’t take stress, money isn’t imp for me, you are imp, I love you. They hug. Raghav looks on. Josh says I love you so much. She says I love you too. Josh sees Raghav. Pihu says it hurts right seeing her with him. Raghav says I m looking for Angad. Angad comes. He says please we shall leave. They leave.

Raghav makes the designs. Angad calls him and says come home, I can’t handle Pihu. He says tell her I m coming in some time. Prachi comes there. She cries and says I love him a lot, will you please help me, Josh… He says I m ready to do partnership with Josh. She thanks him. He says tell Josh that he is lucky. She says because you agreed for partnership. He says no, because you love him. She leaves. its morning, Vikrant gets Adi to office. Adi sees Angad, Pihu and Raghav. Josh asks all set. Angad says yes, good to go. Adi says I made this contract, it’s the best. Angad says yes. Adi asks will you check my work, did you grow up. Angad says its my work, I m legal head of ARP. Adi scolds him and runs to beat him. Angad asks him to sit. He says I have already left the house. Pihu asks shall we sign. Josh says yes please. Raghav signs the papers. Lakhan says I want to talk to Raghav in private. They all leave. Lakhan says well done Raghav, I m happy seeing your success. Raghav says I have learnt this from you. Lakhan says I was in love and I made a mistake because of love, I fixed Prachi’s relation with Josh by listening to Avni, you are making the same mistake, you are listening to Prachi. Raghav says sorry, I decide everything for my business purpose. Lakhan says fine. He signs the papers and they shake hands.

Lakhan wishes him all the best. He says trust me, you will need this. Adi and Angad argue. Pihu laughs. Vikrant asks Adi to be proud of Angad. He says Angad has achieved a lot. Adi says come here. Angad says no, don’t do this. Adi says I told Brinda that we should have daughters, girls are lovely. Pihu says Angad likes many girls. Adi says no, we like one girl. Vikrant says Pihu, good to have you back. She says Lakhan likes me to do dramatic things. Lakhan says agreed, they did a good job. Raghav comes and asks are you going to do something. She says no. Angad asks did you start drinking in morning. Raghav says she was covering up for you. Angad and Pihu ask why did you call us here. Raghav says I need some coffee. He goes. They ask him to answer. Josh says we did it, you did it, congrats, lets celebrate, dinner date. She says at home. He says yes, we will fix marriage date, we got the contract. She asks really. Josh asks Raghav to come and talk to them.

Josh says we should hangout after work. Raghav says no, I don’t have time. Josh says Kiara is going to invite you again. Pihu says Raghav and Kiara, we need to talk. She goes with Angad. She says we have to talk to Raghav. Prachi goes smiling. Raghav passes by. Angad gets the Chinese food. He says I think you still like Prachi. Raghav says you both are obsessed with it. She says admit it that you love Prachi. Angad says you get 100 points for loyalty. Raghav says wow Angad, you should become a therapist. He taunts Angad about staying with the girl he likes. Pihu asks for pizza. Angad passes it to him. Raghav says I m helping Prachi and Josh in their career so that they get married, why, because I like her, you always link Prachi to me, dangerous thoughts. Prachi says mom and dad said yes. Josh says good, I will also talk at home. He gets his GF’s call. He makes an excuse and leaves. Prachi thinks to tell to Pihu. Pihu says point noted, why are we doing this deal. Raghav says Lakhan is the best, company is in loss because of Josh, they are our big competitors, if we join hands with them, then zero competition. Angad asks why didn’t you get this idea when Prachi came to you to ask for help.

Precap: Raghav says I m practical, emotional, I did this deal for myself, not for Prachi, Josh is using her. Prachi comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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