Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th March 2023 Written Update: Sid blames Lakhan for their company’s failure!

Episode begins with Pihu telling Prachi how Raghav suffered so much, your so called dad and our uncle didn’t support him and his talent, we were away from this city and we came as we got a big project, you didn’t even stay here for your friend Raghav, you chose Josh over Raghav you believed Josh.

Prachi says how can you say that Raghav did wrong. Pihu says what wrong did he do? Did he harras you afterwards? Did he write you letters? He tried to move and see how good he is doing today, he just wrote for you and didn’t have the courage to send you those what’s his fault?

He loved you and today also he doesn’t think wrong for you, people don’t get love and are left in one sided love, Raghav is so amazing and look what you did.

Pihu says the problem with you is, you choose wrong guys, first you believed Lakhan and now Josh, that’s your issue, just open your eyes and see. Pihu says Raghav is not here for revenge he is here to prove himself.

Prachi says you are my sister I respect that but you can’t say anything about Josh, you lost this right when you left me alone. Prachi goes to Josh and takes him.

Raghav sees them and throws the champagne class in a plant pot. Angad looks on. Party gets over, Pihu and Angad talk about how the party was great. Angad says our entry was amazing my parents also got surprised. Pihu says why did you come with us 3 years back? Angad says you never asked this. Pihu says I am now, tell me.

Angad says whatever happened that day it felt wrong so I came and I will never regret that. Pihu says I am sad for Prachi how she is stuck in wrong relationship, we girls are taught from childhood about getting a prince charming and Prachi still believes that and she thinks getting love is the solution to all problems, I wish her eyes open.

Raghav comes there when Pihu says how did you feel seeing Prachi? Raghav says I felt nothing. Angad says we saw you. Raghav says cheers guys and goes. Here, Sid says we have not got any single contract and this was the biggest loss. Sid says technically ARP is owned by the kids of this family Pihu and Angad.

Josh says that servant Raghav is here to take revenge. Sid blames Lakhan indirectly. Lakhan says I am the builder here and the client has to be brought by architects which is lead by Josh. Josh says it’s your that servant’s fault not mine. Vikrant asks Josh to talk respectfully with Lakhan.

Lakhan says Raghav is not here for revenge, he is talented, if I would have handled the situation tactfully and not with anger, Raghav would have stayed and we would have gained a lot. Sid says you can still say you gave the idea to your kids.

Prachi says why will dad do that? Lakhan says Raghav is talented and he doesn’t need me. Sid says if so then make Prachi marry him only. Lakhan goes without saying anything.

Next day, Angad comes to office and says I am getting married. He jokes while Pihu says for a second I got shocked. Raghav is making some drawings for the building when he gets a call from Kiara.

Raghav doesn’t recognise her but Kiara says how they used to hangout with Josh and Prachi. Angad says oh it’s Kiara. Kiara says let’s get to know each other more, come over for dinner you, me and few of my close friends. Before Raghav can say no, she cut the call.

Kiara tells her friends how Raghav was flirting with her the whole time and she wants to take things ahead. Angad teases Raghav as Kiara is dumb and doesn’t have a brain. Pihu also joins in. Raghav asks them both to join for dinner as well. Angad says Prachi will be there. Raghav says so what.

Later, in the evening Kiara convinces Josh for the party as they can try to get the deal from ARP somehow by patching things up. Josh thinks it’s a nice idea. Kiara plans with her friends how they will make wine fall on Raghav and she will take him inside to take things ahead. Prachi and Josh also be there and so does Samaira. Angad, Raghav and Pihu enter.

Kiara greets them. Kiara’s friend makes wine fall on Raghav but it falls more on Angad. Kiara offers help to Raghav when he says he will handle but help Angad instead. Kiara still tries to help Raghav but Raghav goes for washroom. Kiara feels upset. Here, Josh makes a drink for Samaira and tries to flirt.

Samaira says I am here for networking as I got to know ARP needs funding so don’t flirt with me, I am not interested, if you are forgetting I am reminding you again that you are engaged so flirt with your sad possessive fiance. Prachi hears this. Josh is about to console Samaira when he sees Prachi.

Prachi goes inside the room and cries thinking maybe Pihu is right and Josh doesn’t love me. Raghav comes out of washroom and sees Prachi. Raghav is shirtless and he says there is my shirt for drying. Prachi remembers what Raghav did and she leaves. Raghav remembers good time with Prachi. Raghav wears his shirt.

Episode ends.

Precap – Josh says Samaira told me ARP needs funding so that’s why I was talking to her. Prachi says I trust you and love you. Prachi hugs Josh. Josh smirks at Raghav watching it.

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